Storytelling – An important tool of communication

Many business professionals don’t know how to sell themselves to attract the attention of customers. Along with your product you want to sell yourself then only you can gain your client’s trust on you. This is the only way to show your significance to your business product. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is through telling stories. A chief story teller working in a consultancy is known as Julie Roehm SAP. She is working as SVP marketing agent in the SAP.

Julie expressed many visual and multimedia examples of how storytelling has been exist since from the human walked the earth. All different brands in the market use this fine art of storytelling to attain their audience. According to her the challenges and opportunities has no limits as per with the digital media. If an individual need to see their product then they want to know the art of storytelling and how to attract the customers.Storytelling - An important tool of communication

Dramatic change in telling stories

As per the development of technology there are dramatic changes in way of telling story. The way of communication to the customers is also changed. Nowadays more number of people will get attracted by the expressive speakers. In that way Julie Roehm SAP has the unique place to be a magnet for people in art of storytelling. One to one conversation is more important to be meaningful who have the talent to admire the clients. She likes to tell story that people want to hear. Julie uses the technique to touch the audience with her speech.

Former advertising chief in the business industry

Julie did a large amount of good work by keeping her head down. She was worked as a marketing consultant in backslash Meta Company for four years. She did her work by providing marketing strategy and communications with all clients. She is still in existence in the marketing world with extraordinary talent like leadership and digital strategy. With talent of digital strategy she attracts many clients and customers as a magnet for the profit of organization. First she will analyse and then she goes for the execution of her strategy to the environment. The eye catching effects used by her in the digital marketing attract many users and yield more profit in the industry. Because of this talent and ability she was worked as a former chief advertiser in many corporate companies.