Review of Maxi climber

If you are looking for an awesome vertical climber for your workouts then Maxi Climber is the best option for you. This step machine is differently designed as compared to other stair steppers and is good enough to be reviewed. Here we describe in detail the features, and qualities of the Maxi climber and also why it is an amazing product to buy. The review is based on the good and bad features of the product, customer opinion, pricing, and testimonials. We aim to provide you guidance and help for better buying.

Overview —

This is a vertical climber that focuses on the muscles of the body.  It replicates the motion of rock climbing and similar sports in order to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body and burn calories while doing work. All the muscle groups are engaged in this workout and it helps to burn calories as well as build muscle. You can easily set up the machine in minutes and if you are looking to get sexy legs, sculpted and toned abs, and want to get your biceps and triceps in shape then this is the best equipment for you available at south bay gym.

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The vertical climber makes use of your body weight as resistance and can give you a good cardio workout without any stress on the lower joints. It can help you burn more calories as compared to stationary bikes and treadmills. It combines all the aspects of a workout from muscle toning, weight resistance, aerobic exercise all in one step. The machine has a compact, durable, and stable design and is lightweight.

Features of the Maxi Climber —

  1. Ergonomic design – The climber is designed for all the body size and shape. You can adjust the height of the steps but the resistance is not adjustable and your body serves as the resistance. The design is simple but stable. The pedals are connected to hand grips for proper grip while climbing and anti-slippage.
  2. Isometric non-stick grips – the hand grips of the climber are made up of non-stick material and it is designed to give extra grip while workout to provide an amazing cardio workout. It works like a wonder for blood pressure and heartbeat management.