Never Been Easier

So the Government wants us to work till aged 70? No problems, you think. You must not have walked in the shoes of mothers who have been out of the workforce for 8 or so years to raise a family. Not only do many women have to contend with the glass ceiling that prevents them from achieving the highest level of success equal to men, those returning to the workforce at an older age now have to compete with young graduates for the same jobs. Is it, therefore, the end of the road for these returning-to-work mothers? It doesn’t have to be. Maybe working in their previous fields is not the answer. Maybe even working for someone else is not the answer. Maybe there is a niche they can fill that uses their talents, gifts, training and experience. Maybe it means starting their own small business. Anyone who has some capital can start a small business, but not everyone can make it succeed. To start a small business, much research has to be done beforehand. For instance: 1) determining whether there is a market for the product or service they are offering; 2) determining their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; 3) formulating a business plan that covers their goals, marketing initiatives, research, management and financial plan; and 4) ensuring that they have sufficient funds to start the business and keep it going, or at least determine their finance options. Getting business accounting advice from a small business accountant would serve them well. As will having an efficient online accounting software such as Xero accounting.


Xero accounting is an online accounting software that helps small businesses more efficiently. This software allows the user to access her business accounts anywhere, anytime; invite anyone to view her accounts; and collaborate online with her small business accountant hervey bay in real time. It can be used on any device that is connected to the Internet. Financial data stored in this software is always up-to-date and securely stored even if the user’s computer is lost or stolen. The user’s bank account, credit card and PayPal transactions can be automatically imported to allow the user to reconcile bank accounts in much less time. This software automatically updates foreign currency exchange rates. It allows the user to design their own invoice templates, receive notification when an invoice is opened, allow for immediate payment with credit card or PayPal through the invoice and automatically tracks payments, returns and credits. The user can integrate other computer applications with this software.

Maybe it is possible to work till you are 70 after all. If owning a small business is the answer for some returning-to-work mothers, they could work smarter by tapping, in real time, into the expertise of their small business accountant and partnering with Xero accounting to make all their business accounting more efficient. That way, they can have the flexibility of feeding the family and being there for the family.