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The ecommerce websites have developed manifold over the last few years. With a greater population going towards online buying, the numbers as well as volume of ecommerce portals are nothing but growing leaps and bounds. With the growth, their gamut of products covered has also increased seamlessly, and now, they have almost all sorts of things possible under the sky to be sold on their online retail carts. However, what still needs to be done is to integrate more than one such ecommerce portals under the same roof.

This job was supposedly a difficult one considering that to develop a website architecture that is compatible with the various ecommerce portals was a tough hurdle, not to mention liaison with the different major players and banks for a smoother flow. But ultimately, people in France can get to see it happening as well as benefit in a great way from them.


Added choice of promo codes

All of the top ecommerce portals provide the options to choose from a range of products, brands and prices. But none of them allows the customers to choose the promo code. In fact, the promo codes are integral part of the marketing strategies that these ecommerce portals have. To whom the promo codes will be sent and of what denomination of discounts is solely in the hands of the marketing team deciding on the strategies of enhancing the volume. Thus, it is for sure that the higher denominations of discount or promo coupons go to the more loyal customers and nothing is there on offer for the new ones.

But by using the common platform launched in France for availing all of the ecommerce portals at one go,, an individual can not only make a choice the products, brands and prices but also of the discount on offer. The website has tied up with all of the major players in ecommerce in France and Europe, including Amazon, Kiabi, Sarenza, Suisses, Sephora, La Redoute, Zalando, ebay and Cdiscount. As a customer approaches any one of these for a particular product or brand, the applicable promo code along with its discount value is displayed. When the same customer almost immediately looks at another portal, the new promo code applicable in this case is also visible. Hence, it is extremely easy out here to make a choice from among the codes promo et coupons by looking at the best promo code and the amount of discount offered by the same.

This is something very rare, innovative, new and different. The customers feel extremely empowered to choose. Even the enhanced user friendliness owing to the operations of all the ecommerce portals available at the same place makes it pretty fascinating an experience for the online buyers.

Save to the greatest extent

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