Low cost guitars with attractive style

Musician all over the world are familiar with the martin is synonymous with character. If we need a guitar with light weight and travel ability martin backpacker guitars will satisfy this need. The design of this type of guitar is unique. This does not look like a normal guitar, yet it retains the martin tone. An unhindered beautiful sound emerges from the steel string which is place in the guitars. The action of the guitar is fast and fret and the changes are gliding on the solid hardwood neck. The weight of the martin steel string backpacker guitar is minimal 2.2 pounds and has a low profile. The body is slim line, electric pendulum shape and the overall length only a shade under 27 inches. This gives the mobility of the backpacker, so we can pack it up and carry it anywhere we go. It is built with 24 inch scale the hardwood neck has 15 frets, which is 7 or 8 shy of a regular neck.



In martin the sound quality of the DX1AE is solid. It is designed in such a way that it is strong and balanced which gives comfort in all types of playing style. This is a easy way to play the guitar and which is well tuned and stays within the style in which we want to play. We can play smooth jazz notes or a heavy Spanish element with great ease and according to our comfort because the tone is balance over. The sound which is produced in this is a solid warm and strong acoustic sound. The heavy strumming or palm mute sound will be carried very well. The neck of the martin backpacker guitar is slightly curved and it is over all flat which can be little tricky if we are not practiced with this. The width of this type of guitar is different. If we are practiced with other acoustic guitars then we will find very easy to handle this type of guitars. We may also find that the strumming produces a great flexible sounds and definitely easy to write songs or can play some of the favorite songs.


Guitars may be expensive. Martin backpacker guitars are made for travel and it does not quite costly when compared to other types of guitars. Compared to other guitars it is a solid option that will definitely give the right sound. Solo or with friends it is the best guitar choice.