Delayed life insurance claim

The most common types of the insurance claims are contestable and non contestable insurance claims. A contestable claim refers to the life insurance policy that is less than two years when the person dies. The insurance company has the contractual rights to investigate the validity of the original applications of any reasons they should have issued the policy. If a valid reason is found then the policy will be cancelled and the premium payments will be refunded and there will be no death benefits will be paid. A non contestable claim is one that cannot be investigated by any of the insurer because the policy was more than two years. Non contestable does not imply the claim and that will be paid immediately. Specific documentation should be provided by the beneficiary in order to collect all the death benefits such as the insurance company claims the form and the certified death certificate. At many cases the beneficiary receives delayed life insurance claims due to many regulations and condition applied by the insurance companies. Some insurer may request obituary notice but it is not required. If an obituary is not available and the insurer insist upon it and this can be disputed with the help of an insurance expert.

Reasons for the delay:
When the death certificate of the insurer is not available, this may lead to delayed life insurance claims. For instance the death of the insurer occurred in the foreign country where the standards of the documentation are not compatible with that of the country where the insurer was living or someone goes missing and is presumed dead and the physical remains are not accounted for more common that one may think. The insurers are allowed to delay the payment of a death claim at the time when a death certificate has not been produced. A life insurance policy states that benefits are payable only upon the proof of death and if the adequate documentation of death cannot be produced, the insurance company will be within their legal right to delay the payment of the claim. In situations where a death certificate is not easily obtainable there are many alternative actions. For instance, a court can issue the declaration of the person’s death when it confirms that insures is determined beyond a reasonable doubt to be deceased. This declaration can then be submitted to the insurance company as a proof of death.