Choose value added products under single insurance policy for commercial fleet!

Commercial vehicles run a higher risk of getting damaged than a private car. They run on the highways and for longer distances, thereby making the vehicles prone to damage and even the driver open to chances of mental and physical fatigue. Thus, they ask for higher amounts of premium as one might think of for private cars. Above it, if one demands for a single policy for the whole of the commercial fleet, it might just get a bit more difficult to get an insurer.

Single policy insurance now easier

No more is however the wish for getting a single policy insurance for the whole of the commercial fleet difficult today in the UK. Here is the best of Fleet insurance policies offered from The agency is open to single policy insurance for commercial fleet if there are 4 or more vehicles in it. In fact, there are several advantages inked to such policies as well. One has to pay lower amount of premium in such policies as compared to the individual policies for each car in the fleet in aggregate.

Moreover, the biggest USP of these single insurance policies is that one can include cars of different makes and models too under the same scheme. This is something absolutely unique and not available with any other insurer. Thus, one can insure taxis, vans, multi-facility vehicles and trucks all under the same policy out here!

fleet insurance43Advantages of single policy

Single policies are highly advantageous for the clients because:-

  • They help save time and money.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Single premium renewal date annually.
  • Helps saving manpower.
  • Reduces overhead cost and increases profit.

Along with these policies, there are certain value added services available too. One can train up the drivers for clean license under these schemes. One can also carry out risk management for the whole of the fleet insured under the policy. Even there are facilities for safe night parking for the insured vehicles in case they are travelling in remote areas.

There is a 24X7 helpline number always available for the clients. The drivers can always call up in case of any problem or help required at any time of the day.

Generally these fleet insurance policies are lower as compared to the individual policies of cars taken together, but the annual premium may vary based on certain factors like windscreen protection, insurance claimed in the preceding year and type of the policy being either comprehensive or third party.

The Important Services of Medical and Health Insurance in South Africa

In these modern days people are living in unsafe world so everyone needs to secure their life with effective protection. The people are investing money into several ways for protect themselves from various problems and live a peaceful life. The insurance is one of the best and beneficial methods to protect ourselves and enjoy a life for long term. The medical insurance is very important for each and every people because in these days vehicles and accidents are rates are highly increased so medical insurance highly helpful for medical treatments. The is highly providing various insurance services for people in South Africa and especially medical insurance is highly promises to people.

The General List of Health Insurers

Generally people are affected by various diseases and accidents so people need more money for further treatments. The health and medical insurance can able to save people life from illness and it provide greater money support for people.

find insurance1

  • The Standard Bank Medical and Health Insurance
  • The One plan health insurance
  • The affinity Health Insurance
  • Momentum Health Insurance
  • GetSavvi Insurance

These are companies are highly helpful for medical insurance and it especially in South Africa. The initially standard bank health insurance provides by AIG life insurance and it also one of the banking services and it can helpful for accidents injuries and other health complications. The one plan health insurance is start from 265 per month and it also provided by Zurich insurance and it also covers all the problems. The affinity health care insurance is very important and it can cover family medical insurance and it start from 335 per month. The momentum health care insurance is highly beneficial for users. The people can save much of money with GetSavvi insurance and it can also cover all the medical expenses.

Important Health benefits of Medical Insurance

The people always want to save money for future purpose and medical insurance is one of the best saving for future. The users can get lots of health benefits from medical insurance and those are

  • The General Emergency medical services
  • The Various hospitalization
  • The Different lab tests
  • The prescription of medicines
  • Maternity and other child care
  • The pediatric services such as vision and oral care
  • The common Ambulatory patients service
  • Wellness and preventive discussion about diseases.

Construction Bond & Different Categories of the Bond

A client prefers to work with the builder having construction surety bonds rather than the one not in possession of the bond. Construction bond ensures the party that the constructor is obliged to do the work he has been assigned to. It provides a form of insurance to the investor. The bond covers the builder and the client from the beginning state till the completion the project.

Sub- categories of Construction Bonds –

Bid Bonds– According to Wikipedia “The bid bond assures and guarantees that should the bidder be successful, the bidder will execute the contract and provide the required surety bonds. A Bid Bond of amount not above 10% of the contract order total amount is deposited when a contractor, or the “supplier”, is bidding on a tendered contract.Sometimes, there is a number of construction companies or individual constructor, bidding on the same project. It is upon the client or the authority to choose the bidder among the list of the contractors after considering the reliability and the work history of the builders. This bond is usually backed up by a performance bond.56a069a48eecb.image

Performance Bond – It is a surety bond issued by an insurance or surety company to ensure the satisfactory and successful completion of the project by the assigned contractor. This bond is provided after considering the contractor’s track record of projects completed hitherto and considering the financial security or risk associated with the project and the builder. It is a legal agreement that provides a guarantee to the client that the assigned contractor will deliver the quality service that he has placed a bid on within the deadline.

Maintenance Bond – It is a maintenance bond between the contractor and the project owner. In future if the delivered service is defective and the building needs maintenance in case of defection then it will be borne by the contractor. Or there may be a cost ratio between the two parties against the expenses incurred for building repairs depending upon the agreement. It provides an assurance to the client that his service provider is able to maintain the building if any defect of service arises in the future.

Labor & Material Payment Bonds – It provides the surety regarding the payments associated with the construction projects. It is clearly mentioned in the bond that the all expenses regarding the building materials & labor or machinery cost will be borne by the contractor, not by the client or the principal.

A combination of above sub-categories is known as Construction Bond or Construction Surety Bond.


Insurance policies are meant for the security of respective possessions of the person. Insurance means to get financial compensation for the asset which get damaged or lost. In the same way content insurance means to secure the possessions of your homes. A content insurance policy recovers for the damage and loss cause to the possessions as well as assets kept in your home. A house is a building and it changes to the home by decorating it with different things which are also of day to day use and of course a house is changed to home by the family who reside in it.

A family buy lots of things of use which may be small as well as big like washing machine, kitchen appliances, furniture items as well as other home appliances; all these things are included in the possessions which lie in the home. Loss or damage to the personal possessions can be recovered by the contents insurance UK. Personal possessions play very vital role in moving the life smoothly, theft or damage to them surely disturbed one’s day and whole routine. These things of comfort as well as usability have great demand and role in everybody’s life. While going to purchase a content insurance policy one must take care of some aspects.homeinsurance

There some points one must considered:
• Carefully read the terms as well as conditions of content insurance policy.
• One must go through entire policy to check whether all the things of personal possessions are included in the policy or not.
• Implicate some safety measures to the brittle or most fragile items of your house which are made up of glass or other delicate material.
• Make sure your content insurance policy includes home as well as kitchen appliances.
• Before going to purchase content insurance policy one must consult a knowledgeable person who will guide you take right insurance policy with the reasonable premium cost.
Although content insurance policy is must to protect the personal possessions as well as home assets but it is also mandatory to protect the assets by implicating safety, measures so that you will get the insurance policy for your personal contents at reasonable price. A contents insurance UK policy is very beneficial for the security of the possessions from damage, theft, loss and other unforeseen incidents. Go for content insurance to ensure the safety of your asset.

Why temporary car insurance for the learner drivers

If the individuals would like to drive a car and recently they start learning driving then they should compulsorily understand a need and essential for the temporary car insurance policy. The learner drivers must have to get this temporary insurance plan to save them from a sudden accident. One should obtain cheap learner driver insurance to claim the cash if they have made any accident and there are some damages to a car. The learner drivers will need to get the best and affordable insurance coverage for their car which is to be legal on the road.

Insurance coverage for learner drivers:

Now days, it is extremely necessary to get this insurance plan for the learner drivers to make the claim better if they are doing any damages to the vehicle. While the learning period of the car driving, the people are not getting proper licence to drive a car in the road side. Only the license holders should have to drive any motor vehicle in the public place. This is why it is highly important to get this temporary insurance plan to drive a car in the road with some legal benefits.

driver insurance10

Investing in this learner driver insurance will be very beneficial especially for the youngsters who are newly learning a driving. Acquiring this type of insurance policy will play a very big role in the eligibility for the best rates and deals for these new drivers. Young persons with this temporary insurance plan during their driving learning period will get some driver training discounts from the driving schools.

Obtaining learner driver insurance online:

Today, many online based insurance companies are providing an opportunity of getting this temporary insurance plan for the learner drivers. Every person can easily find the best companies providing cheap learner driver car insurance plan for the individuals. Among them, the new drivers need to find the best and reliable one to obtain affordable insurance policy for their learning period.

Most of the learner drivers are afraid about the risks of car insurers who are insisting them to pay high cost of monthly premiums. Such kinds of persons no need to worry about it because all companies are providing free insurance quotes on the internet. Everyone needs to download the quotes for this temporary insurance policy from the different companies. Compare those insurance quotes and choose the affordable one for getting cheapest learner driver car insurance plan online.

Delayed life insurance claim

The most common types of the insurance claims are contestable and non contestable insurance claims. A contestable claim refers to the life insurance policy that is less than two years when the person dies. The insurance company has the contractual rights to investigate the validity of the original applications of any reasons they should have issued the policy. If a valid reason is found then the policy will be cancelled and the premium payments will be refunded and there will be no death benefits will be paid. A non contestable claim is one that cannot be investigated by any of the insurer because the policy was more than two years. Non contestable does not imply the claim and that will be paid immediately. Specific documentation should be provided by the beneficiary in order to collect all the death benefits such as the insurance company claims the form and the certified death certificate. At many cases the beneficiary receives delayed life insurance claims due to many regulations and condition applied by the insurance companies. Some insurer may request obituary notice but it is not required. If an obituary is not available and the insurer insist upon it and this can be disputed with the help of an insurance expert.

Reasons for the delay:
When the death certificate of the insurer is not available, this may lead to delayed life insurance claims. For instance the death of the insurer occurred in the foreign country where the standards of the documentation are not compatible with that of the country where the insurer was living or someone goes missing and is presumed dead and the physical remains are not accounted for more common that one may think. The insurers are allowed to delay the payment of a death claim at the time when a death certificate has not been produced. A life insurance policy states that benefits are payable only upon the proof of death and if the adequate documentation of death cannot be produced, the insurance company will be within their legal right to delay the payment of the claim. In situations where a death certificate is not easily obtainable there are many alternative actions. For instance, a court can issue the declaration of the person’s death when it confirms that insures is determined beyond a reasonable doubt to be deceased. This declaration can then be submitted to the insurance company as a proof of death.