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How To Remove Water Stains From Hardwood Floors?

How many times have you had a panic attack when a guest spilled water on your newly installed hardwood floor?

Do you ever sit with your evening tea and frown upon those stubborn watermarks on your otherwise flawless hardwood floor?

The first solution that comes to your mind is a replacement. A replacement is an extravagantly expensive option and is not always the right choice. With a little effort and patience, you can remove these watermarks on your own and restore your floors’ hardwood to make it look as good as new!

Here is a detailed guide on how to remove water stains from hardwood floors:

First, categorize the stain:

Did you drop water and want to fix it before it gets too late, or are you reading this article to fix a stain that has been there for quite a long time?

Whether caused by an unforeseen leakage or a slight spill, watermarks on hardwood floors are not a pretty sight. Before you jump on to erasing these stains, you must inspect the kind of stain to choose the best method for stain removal. Water stains on hardwood floors generally appear as ‘water rings.’ These stains are categorized into white and dark stains.

Hardwood Floors

White Water Stains

If you see a water stain that somewhat looks white in color, you are on the safer side. These stains can be removed with much more ease as compared to the darker stains. A white stain generally means that water has only been able to sleep till the polyurethane layer or wax finish on the wood. So act quickly before it turns into a dark stain.

Dark Water Stains

A long-standing water circle or stain on hardwood floor generally deepens to be of a comparatively darker color. These stains generally grow larger and need more attention and time when it comes to their removal. A dark stain signifies that moisture has gone beyond the polyurethane layer and has now seeped into the wood, causing darkening in the affected area. For dark and much larger stains, it may not be possible to remove the stain.

How to remove white stains?

Here, you will need things that you can mostly find in any household, such as:

1. Mineral oil

2. Mineral spirits

3. Basic tools like a soft cotton pad, plastic or rubber gloves

4. Vacuum cleaner or mop.

5. Cleaning solution

6. Dry cloth


Use the mineral oil:

Make sure to use a considerable amount of mineral oil. In case you do not have mineral oil, head over to your kitchen and grab a bottle of plain mayonnaise! You may also use Vaseline jelly or solid butter as a substitute for mineral oil.

Leave the floor untouched:

Preferably, we suggest you leave the wood untouched for 10-12 hours after rubbing the mineral oil for effective results.

Buff the area:

If the stain disappears, you can buff the affected area with a dry cloth to get rid of the excess oil residue and for a bright look.

Let us move on to how to remove dark stains?

To remove a dark water stain, you might need to go the extra mile and visit a hardware store to get your hands on the following supplies:

1. Sandpaper of grit size 100 And 150

2. Steel wool

3. The chemical Hydrogen peroxide

4. Bleach that contains chlorine

5. The ingredient that caused the stain-Water!

6. A wood varnish in the shade that matches with your floors hardwood

7. Oil-based floor polish that suits your wood

8. Basic tools like a vacuum, soft cotton pads, gloves, and a dust mask.


1. Use the sandpaper:

The first and foremost step is to remove the finish of the floor’s hardwood. So, wear a protective mask and use sandpaper to get rid of the finish. Start with sandpaper of grit size 100 and then move to 150. Apply enough pressure, and don’t forget to go over the edges. Finally, use your vacuum to sweep the area clean.

2. Lighten the stain:

Use either hydrogen peroxide or bleach-containing chlorine but never use both together! Use a half-half ratio of Hydrogen peroxide and water. Now take a plain cloth, dip it in the solution, wring it, and place it undisturbed over the stain for at least 10-15 minutes. Let it dry completely. Use chlorine bleach only if the latter treatment fails.

3. Restore the shine:

To restore the finish, use a suitable wood varnish and seal the spot after application. If you see any visible imperfections, go over it with steel wool.

Removing water stains was once a nightmare, but now no more! Follow these simple tips and tricks and use your weekend productively. You will end up with a hardwood floor that gleams and looks as good as new and loads of extra money saved.

The best way to protect your floors’ hardwood is to prevent the stain altogether, but we have no control over unconscious mistakes. In case you spill any liquid, the best method is to act immediately. In case you need professional help in the installation or want to replace the flooring, head to

Comfort Over Functionality: Which Is Better?


Sometimes, it is all the better to make sure that you have the assurance that everything is safe then making the next move of comfort and luxury as the latter does not care about the former and wanting both at the same time would be counterintuitive. So one has to decide if they would rather want to have comfort first and then compromise their safety and since we are dealing with electrical and air quality products, a mistake can be lethal or that the safety of the product as well as how it is being installed and the most important aspect being quality is all up to the mark. In terms of HVAC supplies where else would you go for the best but with HVAC supplies as that would mean compromise of nothing except a few luxuries and even those are trumped over if you consider the risks of nothing having the best quality product on aspects that are so important in terms of the electrical appliances.

Whatever It Takes

plumbing supplies at Blackhawk Supply

It is important to understand that living in such a modernistic world where everything is collated and quantified we have to understand that even the bare necessities such as food, air, water have to be scrutinized as if it were the end of the world as even the bare necessities are becoming the aspects that people tamper with and it is not surprising that we would need to implement clean air tax in a decade or so and the HVAC products are just the beginning of it all. Since we do need it, where do you get the ebst out there and that something everyone can afford without any compromise in quality or design the way that you want it to? Simple, just go to the HVAC supplies and place your order for the design that you want and for the way that you want to have in your house, office, or factory.


In conclusion, there are only a few things that we should consider and that is the safety of us and the people around us.

Keep your garden protected from weed with the help of artificial grasses

Most of you people wish to have a garden attached to your house. Some of you get the enough space to make a beautiful garden and some of you don’t get the enough space for a garden. The space for the garden is not that important point to focus about. You can find several home garden that are limited in a very small area. The two main problem that you face to keep your garden beautiful is the weather change and the weeds. The problem that occurs with the change in weather can get considered because only few seasons does not support the plants to stay in right condition but the weeds are the problem that you may face throughout the year. To get rid of this problem you can try several ways. This article is here to help you to get rid of this problem with some remedies. From this article you will also know about the importance of using artificial grass to get rid of these problems.

Weeds are such plants that can grow in unsuitable conditions. They does not require any proper place or the proper source of water to grow. They simply destroy your garden by destroying the plant parts. The weeds can grow in few days; this is why the population of weed is this much all over the world. You can get rid of weeds with various types of barrier. The following paragraphs of this article will let you know about the four basic types of barrier.

Natural barrier – the natural barrier are usually the plant parts that are decaying. You can use straw, moss and a thick layer of decaying plant parts as a natural barrier. This type of barrier stops the growth of weeds without any side effect.


Home-made barrier – this type of barrier includes the bio degradable household things like pitch board or stuffs like this. These barriers do not require any investment this is why it is also known as pocket friendly weed barrier.

Artificial barrier – in this category you can find the artificial stuffs that are made up of fibre or plastic. These are also great weed barriers that need small investment. You can say that the artificial grass belong to this category because the grasses are not real. Yes the choice to use artificial grasses is probably the best because in the artificial the weeds will not be able to grow ever.

Chemical barrier – this category include the chemical that stops the weeds to grow in your garden but this type of barrier causes several side effects, this is why this type of barriers is not that preferred.


Why make use of artificial grass

The market of artificial grass is rapidly growing. It is driven well by perfect combination of better techniques of manufacturing and the one which is well combined by increasing the awareness of long term benefits and environment issues around. Earlier, it was limited to large club or sports but now at present is likely to see the same on neighbor’s garden. These grasses are known for changing the lifestyle and come with the option of easy usage. Without any doubt, at present people are very much busy in their lives and it becomes hectic for all as they all juggle in their responsibilities.


Well, mowing lawn even takes around two to three of week and which is for normal garden size. the artificial also requires less maintenance and free up great time. It is also important to note that there are two types of the users that also find them valuable as,

  • Old people that cannot mow their lawns physically
  • The holiday home owners that are always out of station and they don’t have time for looking after their lawns.


As the weather grows warmer, there is more pressure on restriction of water usage. The hose pipe restrictions destroy the natural lawn but artificial grass is not affected. The other benefit of the artificial grass is also that it helps actively environment and substantially reduces the usage of water. You don’t need any carbon emission for the lawn mowers which are petrol drive, no more fertilizers required, the pollution from water run off also carries the chemicals into drains are minimized.

Use it in best way

Under some special circumstances, these artificial grass is beneficial which states that in case, your dog runs on it, it cannot be dug up. It is easier in cleaning and keeps them sterile and there can be no more muddy paws. This makes it also much favorable at the dog kennels.. It stays green in all-weather types. Moreover, even if you roof is not enough strong for supporting the natural turf, you can cover the same with artificial grass for making it appear great.


Tips To Give A New Look To Your Home

We love our home, in fact everyone does, but it is very common for people to get bored with the way their house looks. People live decades in the same house without changing a single thing about the looks and design of their house, so it is obvious to get bored of it, no matter how much we love our house. The trick is to keep bringing small changes in your house time to time to make it perfect with the changing times.

Everyone wants to make their home more beautiful and the only constraint in achieving this task is the huge budget involved in it. We should not go for the full fledged renovation and instead make small and neat changes which are not a burden on our pockets and do not disturb our long term budget plans. You can change the floor or the ceilings or you can change the landscape around your house. In order to change the outer look of your house you do not have to rebuild it completely, you can just change the design of your porch and the railings around it. That would certainly give a new look to the whole house. You can also change the design of your walls and use techniques, like spider glass curtain wall, to give a modern look to your house. This will not only beautify the appearance of your house, but will also increase the amount of natural light entering your house.


It is a costly affair so if you do not want to go for spider glass curtain wall, then there are various other options as well in the market instead of using traditional window panes, see this white aluminium extrusion. You do not have to make all these changes at once but you can do one thing at a time and leave the rest for future. This way you will be able to gather continuous attention and appreciation of your guests towards your home and that too without affecting your budget. Learn to do all these things by yourself in your free time and in this way you will be able to save a lot of money as well. It might look difficult but once you get started and get intrigued into it; you will not look back.

For changing the interior of the house you can always change the position of your furniture or change its position after some time. You can change the color of the walls or the curtains etc. So the list is endless. There is so much that you can always do but you just need the time and the will required to do it.

Seven Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Whether you are making over your bedroom or just decorating it for the first time before moving in, you could probably use a few tips to help you make the right moves. If you can’t afford a big time interior decorator, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the job yourself and still achieve a great result. Here are five ideas you can use to turn your bedroom into a haven.


No matter how big or small your bedroom is, it can easily get cluttered. Avoid this by using walk in closets Abu Dhabi and the space under your bed for storage. This alone will make a world of a difference to your room. You may not even recognize it after putting everything away.


Find some quality new bedding or an altogether brand new bed to change things up. Try to find or even create your own new bedding for a touch of personality. Coordinate the patterns and colors with the rest of the room for optimal effect.


Accent Pillows

This is a nice way of adding a pop of color without having to do much, and it doesn’t cost you much either. You don’t need to change your bedding entirely, you can just add a bold, contrasting colored cushion or square pillow to stand out against your other pillows.

Simply Rearrange

You can always just rearrange your perfect furnishing in the bedroom. Sometimes all you need is a little rearrangement to make the whole place look brand new. Moving everything around is also the perfect opportunity to get a more thorough cleaning job done! Get the carpets cleaned, vacuum, and flip that mattress!

Go Green

No, not in terms of energy (although that is a smart way to go too). You can liven up your room by adding some flora. You can use indoor plants of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Plants are a great way to bring life to any space, and they naturally purify the air by producing oxygen.


Try a set of sheer curtains instead of thick, heavy ones, or blinds and shutters. This way you can work with the light coming in through your windows. Sheer curtains also provide that nice airy feel, which is perfect for warm temperatures and sunny skies.




The lighting can make all the difference in your room. Instead of having regular lights and switches, have dimmer switches. This way you have full control over the lighting at any given time. Ideally, you should have some bedside lighting too, for those times you want to read in bed. Having this on either side of the bed will be useful if you are sharing the space with a partner.

These seven tips can turn your room into a total paradise. You may just never want to leave!

Decorators’ frame of mind

A decorator would not think like a normal person they thing in a very different way. Their frame of mind is above what we see. When you see and empty room and you want to decorate it you will just put a bed, a mirror, a cupboard, a table and a night stand. You will feel that is all you need. Nevertheless you give that same room to a decorator they will change the room in to something so different to what you had in your mind. All they will ask you is what the purpose of the room is, who will use it and what is the theme colour that you will prefer. After few days the room will be very well done and will just fit in with anyone. But the theme colour may not be the same as you said because the decorators consider that they are the best with colour choices.

What do they see differently?

A decorator is a person who thinks the purpose of the room to be comfortable and elegant and homely all in one but is ease of access to the user. As an example they will not consider designer cushions Australia to be used in a boy’s room.


They will consider it in the lounge room or the master bedroom for the elegance designer cushions Australia would create and the importance it would provide the room. Therefore certain small details that you wouldn’t consider it, are important details for the decorator. Each decorator is different and thinks and works differently. Therefore when choosing a decorator you need to speak to them and understand their frame of mind and see whether they suit your capacity. Some decorators think in an expensive manner and may not fit your budget. Some think in a very expressive manner and it may not fit for a house with children. Therefore identifying the best decorator that fits your budget and your idea is important.

Decoration changes the way the house looks

It may not be a need but it is somewhat important to decorate the house to some extent. Since a house needs to look nice and not cluttered with things all over the place. You need to decide how things will fit in nicely or you can hire a decorator to decide where things should go. If you have many things and you are not sure what to stack them or put them best is for you to hire a decorator for a reasonable price. If there are less things and you are not sure where to put them just check online for some best decorating ideas and follow what is mentioned in that websites.

Bamboo Flooring: A Good Alternative

We all love to look classy and impress people. This applies to even our houses. We want to make our houses look as classy as possible. Wooden floors do tend to give this natural and classy flair that people want to portray in their houses. So, it’s a good option to go with wood for your floors. Although you should know that maintaining these wooden floors is not as easy as it seems and requires a certain level of time and effort in terms of maintenance. Furthermore, cutting down trees all the time is not exactly environmentally friendly either.

Due to this reason, as an alternative to hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring has entered the market.  The use of bamboo is still a bit recent but it has a lot of advantages. For an instance, it has a fast maturity speed. A normal tree takes about 50 – 60 years to mature whereas a bamboo tree only takes about 5-6 years. This is very eco-friendly in the long run. Although there is some skepticism about its sturdiness, there is nothing for you to worry about, as bamboo has a very ancient history in China where it has been used in the building of many things for over a couple of thousand years. For example, they even used to make bridges using bamboo. So, you have nothing to worry about at all.


Before moving on, you should know that in terms of price, there is not much of a difference between bamboo and hardwood flooring. This is nothing more than a good alternative. There are some differences in terms of styles of flooring types available between the two though. You should check them out and see what suits you best. Bamboo is much easier to clean though. It doesn’t require the same level of high maintenance that hardwood does. Bamboo also seems to have a higher resistance to water.

Bamboo isn’t without its flaws either. Bamboo, if exposed to moisture over a long period of time, can start to crack and get damaged. In addition to this, it does tend to get scratched more than normal wooden floors.  There is another big concern with the fact that the fluid that is used to bond bamboo together is a toxic material. This can harm the user too. However, this depends solely on the manufacturer. If you buy from a good and trusted place, you will have nothing to worry about. This is why it is so important for you to consider the offers of a number of service providers. All in all, bamboo is a good alternative.

Get to know why you should prefer Aquatica

People those who want to get well designed and quality bathtubs should prefer Aquatica. The designers working in this company is very much experienced in creating impressive and most luxurious bathtubs. They are doing an excellent job in satisfying the customers by creating and delivering best products from their company. Since Aquatica is excelling in manufacturing bathtubs they are certified by IAPMO. The certification is issued after selected and tested most of the bathtub models by the officials from the related authority.

Since the bathtubs meet the Canadian and US plumbing standards, the individuals who purchase bathtub from this company do not have to concern about the quality. They can get to know more about the certification and quality of the materials through the official online site of the company. Actually the individuals are able to order the bathtub easily through the online site. They can go through the available models in the site and choose the desired one. Once they choose the product and confirm it, the bathtub will be delivered to the place on time.


But some of the people would like to purchase it by directly checking the quality of the products. If you are one among them, then you can find the retail shop in your location and visit the shop directly. You do not have to search for it by roaming around your location. You can simply get the details of the retail shop in the online shop. However, you need to remember few things when you are about to purchase bathtub from aquaticabath uk. The following passage will let you know those things.

First of all, you should evaluate the space available at the bathroom and choose the bathtub accordingly. This is one important thing that you should do without fail. If you are conscious about the look of the bathtub, then you need to take a look at the interior bathroom interior and select the bathtub which can suit the overall ambience. Most importantly, you should prefer the bathtub at the price you expect but you should not settle with a low quality bathtub since it is available for low price. On top all of these things, you need to be conscious about the quality of the bathtub. This is the most important thing that you have to concentrate than anything else. If you purchase a low quality bathtub, then it will not be durable and you will have to change it in a short period of time.