Why Do People Lie While Playing Poker?

Poker is a game which involves lies and gamble at every single move you make. You need to be so quick at telling or playing lies that it should just happen in fraction of seconds and should not seem like you made a deliberate attempt. So indirectly it is a game that belongs to liars and played by liars. If you want to be a pro at playing poker then you really need to make sure that you are good at lying. There are a few questions which arise out of curiosity amongst the players and generally the most frequently asked question is why do People Lie? So we make sure that we make this concept clear today by telling you some lesser known facts about the lies involved in the game poker.


Common Lies Which People Deliberately Attempt to Tell:

  1. It is a very rarest of the rare case when you see someone playing poker with being completely honest. And usually people wonder why do People Lie? There is a most common lie which is used by the players to make them appear like an underdog in the game and they make statements like they just play poker just like an unprofessional and an idiot.
  2. All players play to win at the end and nobody wants the opposition to take a big price money home. So if the make an attempt wish the opposite player Good Luck, then they are just fooling them around with their sweaty hands and deliberately not wanting them to win. “Players saying good luck is the biggest lie in poker game.” Says Nicolas Levi.
  3. The next biggest lie which many players have been observed telling is hearing them say ‘I had you beat’ this means that they are lying and the opposite player must have won the pot. So if you ever hear a player saying this statement then you now know that he has been lying all this time and fooling you around.
  4. Another one from the lying list of the poker players is hearing them say that ‘they have to fold or move all in’ which is just a myth and a mere lie. They could have raised or even could have taken some time to take a decision.
  5. According to many professional and good poker players all have agreed to a mutual agreement on the fact that the biggest and classic lie in the list is the bluff spot. It can turn the whole game around for you.
  6. All the poker players tend to make a statement while playing usually when they are asked if they are bluffing or lying, they would always say that they never lie. This gives you hint that they are lying.

If you are not so good at playing poker because you always wonder why do people lie? Then you have got all the solutions now. You can also be a pro at this game now and that is not that difficult now.

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