Wonder why do nannies decide to part ways? Here are four of the main reasons

Nanny plays an important role in managing day to day activities and kids in the house, especially, for working couples. So, it is advisable to retain your nanny for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that force nannies to resign and to look for another job.

Some nannies cannot manage additional responsibilities

Most of the nanny supplying agencies request nannies to give their feedback whenever they quit any job and start looking for another one.  Most of the caretakers do not appreciate families that keep on adding additional responsibilities every month without offering any hike in payment.  If you hire a nanny to take care of your kids and their bedroom, she would not appreciate if you ask her to clean and take care of other rooms in the house as well.

If you are looking for nanny to take care of kids, house, food, and other cleaning, you should mention it right during your first interaction (interview) with the nanny and outline her responsibilities. If, because of some reasons, you wish to assign some more tasks to the caretaker, it is advisable to ask her and check if she is comfortable with the same.

Personal reasons can force your caretaker to part ways

There is nothing much that you can do to retain your nanny if she is parting ways because of personal reasons. It is obvious that she won’t be able to continue with her job if she is getting married, engaged, suffering from medical condition, or is relocating somewhere else. These are some of the popular reasons quoted by nannies.


Different approach towards kids

Sometimes, parents and nanny fail to come on the same side when it comes to issues related to child’s safety, child-rearing philosophy, and some other issues. Parents need to understand that experienced nanny has taken care of several kids and she must be given freedom to handle children in her own way.  This often causes conflicts, and nanny has no other option but to quit.

Parents fail to appreciate nanny’s efforts

Yes, parents do pay wages to nanny; however, taking care of kids is not just about money. It is about commitment, compromise, and caring them with love.  If your nanny is putting a lot of effort in managing everything, she would really feel happy if you appreciate her efforts even by simply saying ‘thanks’.

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