Where to Start the Journey within Flores Indonesia Map

If you are too tired with the crowded tourist destination, Flores Island would be a great choice to escape from your routine. Here, you will get a lot of new experiences more than you can expect, since Flores is the right place to place everyone. Including into one of Lesser Sunda Islands, you can check it out on Flores Indonesia map and it only takes one hop away and does not seem too far from Bali Island. Flores Island might be still being shadowed by Bali, yet it provides a lot of amazing things, such as forests with the bird chirping along and boasting lush, magnificent white sand beaches to relax your mind, the incredible wildlife meet nature, and also discover the diverse culture, heritage, and another things you will never want to miss. Thus, if you are planning to visit Flores in no time, make sure to stay a little longer since you deserve more experiences.

Where to Start the Journey within Flores Indonesia Map 1

In order to find the right place to visit in Flores Island, you can consider to use Flores Indonesia map attraction, since it tells you where to visit as well as any must-visited place so you will not miss any place. Of course, most people know that Flores is infamous with its Komodo dragon which you cannot find it in another place in the whole world. Thus, your first trip should watch the Komodo dragons, ensure to watch them in the morning since they love to bask into the sunshine. For a special time, you will catch them feeding or even fighting, since these reptiles are pretty active in the morning. Once you have saw the Komodo dragons, you can try to dive and snorkel in the underwater world of Komodo National Park. There, you will be impressed by coloured and life reefs and the best coral sites. In addition, you will be able to swim along with heaps of fish, mantas, and even dolphins too. Those are will be the great experience you can get from this place from your short escape.

In the other hand, according to the Flores Indonesia map destination, you should visit the Kelimutu National Park and watch the sunrise there. Also known as one of the biggest landmarks, Kelimutu has three crater lakes which often change its colour depend on the dominant mineral content in the water. To begin your journey, you can choose Moni Village as the starting point and begin to have 30-minutes walked along the pavement. It may be a short walk, but it would be really memorable since you can hear the bird chirping along the way to the peak. The impressive colour from the sunrise will be waited for you. Otherwise, if you need more adventurous activity, you can attempt to trek 10-kilometers to get to Wae Rebo Village. Do not worry, it would be worth trip since Wae Rebo known for its traditional ambiance where you can watch local dance, enjoy their local food, and also stay at their conical-shaped traditional home.