Whatsapp plus an advanced version

In this high tech smart phones’s world, everyone can be easily contacted. People want to keep in touch with the family and friends who are very far from them. They may contact by making a calls or sending a message. But what if someone says, you may use all these services without spending money. The application which provides you these kinds of services for free is known as Whatsapp. It is so user friendly, that anyone can use this. All you need to have an internet connection or wi-fi to access this. The installation of this app is completely free and for a year its services too. After that they charge a nominal amount to use the services, which anyone can pay to use such kind of wonderful services.

People who are planning or travelling to overseas, whatsapp is obligatory for them to keep in touch with their family and friends. It is an instant messanger application, which allows you to share so many things in an inexpensive manner. That is the reason it has become popular in a little time and has become the universal head.phphnpf8g

With the help of whatspp you can make audio call and share the multimedia items like photos, videos etc. Even though whatsapp is very popular application in todays time, but there are some features which users want in some more improved way. They want some extra safety and privacy for their account, which is not available in this app. So some Independent developers launched the enhanced version of this app which was named as Whatsapp plus. It works same like the original whatsapp but with some more options like more privacy and safety option.They created the same structure, so that every user of whatsapp may use this easily.
Features of whatsapp plus:-

 Lots of modified themes.
 You may conceal your status.
 So many Font styles and emoticons.
 You may send the files in the original size.
Whatsapp plus is developed by the third party and having some legal issue with the original app developers so it is not found on officially app store like itune or google play etc. So its installation process is a little complicated. The original whatsapp developers advise that this is a third partry application so it is not safe, because it may give your information to some other party.