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There are two ways to file your case in the court, but before you file each and every case there will be two tests where two kinds of people will be separated to each group. The first way to file a case is to attend the test in which it will be based on your incomes and the necessary expenses. When you have so many income and less expenses in disposable expenses you can file your case in chapter 7 file were as if you have less income and it is necessary for each disposable expenses then you have to file your case in chapter 13 only. These will be separated based on the test you attend when you go for the first process which will decide you the way you are going to face the case. So it is mandatory to attend this test and get your case filed. This bankruptcy attorney Minneapolis will be considered as a benefit of payments for your monthly expenses like car payments and house payments. Because once you paid this you can never want to think about this till next month. It’s like paying your monthly bills as a instalment basis.


Chapter 7 test and chapter 13 test results in a good way:

You will have a record which will be maintained by the administrator, which makes these chapter 7 tests to get discounted from the record which you have. When bankruptcy attorney Minneapolis saw you failed in this chapter 7 test they will enquire your records and files then they will decide to make arrangements for the next procedure. The next procedure will be if you have passed then your case will be filed on the spot if not then they will make you to attend another test which will be called as chapter 13 test to enquire about your day to day expenses and if you are not in a place to pay the dues they will keep your dues in debts. When you have money they will make you to pay the necessary dues. They will give you amount for the disposable expenses you need at the time of payment dues.  They will also give you an alternative option to pay the amount which has been in your due payment. You can make some basic expenses in that amount like food and clothing.