Water Heater Mishaps – Some Possibilities That Can Be Life Threatening

The changing trend these days has resulted in people concealing the kitchen appliances, utensils, electrical appliances, etc, that they own to their guests. Therefore, the best solution is to install cabinets, shelves, etc, in different dimensions, in order to make room for everything.

The trend has not just stopped with kitchen utensils and appliances. You might have noticed that home owners make extra room in the garage, above bathrooms, behind closets, etc, while constructing or refurbishing their homes. The main aim here is to install water heaters in such places where they are not visible to anyone, but still keeping functioning like how these are supposed to.

So you are all set with water heater installation and have even managed to hide it in the best place where there is not much traffic in your house. This does not mean that you forget it completely from then on. Just like any other electrical gadget or appliance, your water heater also requires regular maintenance, and if you fail to give importance to these, then they might start causing terrible trouble.


What bad could happen to water heaters?

Most of the home insurance services do cover the finance of their clients, which was required in complete restoration of the house, only because the customers failed to get their water heater serviced and ended up with the tank explosion.


What will cause the water heater tank to explode? The answer is simple, water coming in contact with electricity. If you do not take care of regular maintenance of water heaters, then water might start leaking from the tank or even from the nearby water pipelines. If it is few drops an hour, then this is the first indication that a big trouble is on the way.

Prolonged leaking results with accumulation of water around the tank area. Dampness when reaches its extremity, will not only damage the tank, but will also result with bursting of the tank.

Water Scalding

Improper setting of the thermostat will usually result in excess heating of water or improperly heating or even icy cold water.

For instance, let’s say that the water temperature that you prefer is around 120 degrees F. if the thermostat is improperly set, then it will not only supply either hot or cold water, but will also damage the heating unit.


According to the insurance experts, the maximum percentage of fire and explosions in the basement area is caused due to the neglected maintenance or improper installation of water heaters. People usually fail to understand that placing water heaters next to some flammable supplies is like inviting fire accidents.

Since water heaters require heating units (extreme temperature) to bring water to that particular temperature, it is known fact that there will be the involvement of hot rod or tanks. Hence, make sure to install water heaters in such places where there is zero access to flammable materials nearby, such as furniture, gas tanks, gasoline cans, etc.

In order to escape from all such unpleasant or even life threatening issues, it is strongly suggested to get your water heaters checked on regular time intervals. If you are in San Diego, then visit http://plumbingplus.net/services/water-heater-repair-san-diego/ to find right hands for the job.