Varieties of Fountains

Wall Fountains are suitable to be installed in the offices and homes. This gives a feeling of affluence in the reception area. Fountains that are of good art work also can be installed in the offices. Metal waterfalls which are made up of steel copper and bronze can be used for this.

One of the attractions for the indoor fountains is the floor fountains. This increases the beauty of the interior and also provides calmness to the atmosphere. There are also table top fountains that are found to be different and show a class feeling for the interior.

Large outdoor water features of fountains in the gardens can beautify the place for family get together and the celebrations which may add more value for the function. Also there are many sculptures that are seen in the garden and will be more beautiful which fit with the fountains.

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Those fountains that are used for the commercial purpose is more popular nowadays. Some of the companies use the fountain with their logo which may help to show their company name in a catchy way. It gives an elegant look with the company name printed on the water wall. This kind of fountains is used in amusement parks, shopping complexes and many other locations.

Below are some more models of the fountains. They are

Animal Fountains: For those people who love the nature, fountains in the model of animals are of right choice. They spit water from their mouth .They can be customized in any size that is required.

Bronze Fountains: These are fountains that can be reshaped to any of the models. As long as they are kept clean they last for a very long time.

Contemporary Fountains: These are fountains that can be made as per the approach of the time presently. This can be made as per the landscape i.e., whether this should be as per the modern style or not.

Pedestal Fountains: These are fountains in which a sculpture or a design is supported by a pedestal. That is this sculpture will be supported by the stone.

Rock/Boulder Fountains: These are fountains that are made with large type of the rocks. In this the water gets pump through the rock.

Statuary Fountains: These are fountains in which this gives an artistically display of the fountains. There may be statues which are happy and angry also. This gives a display of the personality.