Use proper tips to improve and speed up the process

Apple products are using Mac OS that includes the graphical user interface operating system. It is first used in the personal computer and there many versions of Mac OS are available such as beta, cheetah, puma, jaguar, panther, tiger, leopard, and snow leopard. Mac OS Sierra is one of the major releasesthat contains new features like continuity, windowing, iCloud and also supports Apple pay and Siri. It is the first version of operating system since mountain lion released in 2012. The developers install Mac OS to Mac computers that do not support officially. To overcome Mac OS Sierra performance tuning the developers updated a new version.

Features of Mac operating system

The system features of and the application features.

System features

  • Siri- it is a new feature that sends messages, searches the web, finds files and changes settings.
  • iCloud drive and optimized storage- it uploads the documents of the user and sync.
  • Auto unlocks and universal clipboard- this feature helps to unlock the user account by paired Apple watch. Universal clipboard is used to cut, copy, and paste between two Apple devices.
  • Tabs and picture-in-picture- multiple windows are opened in a single window which is similar to safari and picture-in-picture allows videos played in a floating window.
  • Apple file system- it is introduced to overcome the limitations of HFS plus.

Application features

  • Photos- the photo application is improved with the face recognition and scene recognition. It groups pictures together and places all the photos on a world map.
  • Safari and apple pay- it contains Adobe flash player, Microsoft Silverlight, java applets, and Quick Time.
  • Messages- add great effects like three time’s bigger emojis and message bubble. Trough iMesage user can view added content.
  • iTunes- it makes it easy to search for favorite songs and to discover new ones.


Follow this fixes to speed up Mac OS Sierra

Here is a little process to overcome Mac OS Sierra performance tuning in your Mac device. Follow these steps and speed up your Mac device to perform faster.

  1. Create free memory
  2. After updating your Mac Operating Systemdoesn’t interrupt indexing
  3. Stop the message spam
  4. Make sure about the Mac compatibility
  5. Enable the optimized storage function
  6. Optimize Mac OS dock works
  7. Miscellaneous pull for extra speed
  8. Enable finder settings
  9. Make easy on the user interface imagination