Top three tips for business travelers in South East Asian nations

Here are three tips that can prove to be helpful for business travelers in South East Asian Countries.

Call your telecom operator and enquire about charges while in roaming

This is perhaps the most important step that needs to be taken while packing your bags. You should call your mobile network and check if their network is available in the countries that you are planning to visit. Ask them about their rates for outgoing local calls, income calls, and data usage. Check if it is affordable. If so, you should also talk about technical settings, and the phone network that you need to select once you land in the concerned country.

In-case if your phone network charges too much while in roaming, it is advisable to opt for pre-paid cards from local networks once you reach your destination.tour27

Always try to use your phone in Wi-Fi mode whenever you are in Wi-Fi zone. Most of the airports, branded shopping centers, food chains, and even hotels offer free Wi-Fi. You can also use apps like Skype to make free phone calls while using Wi-Fi network.

Keep your wallet clean

Just imagine, you keep your wallet, smartphone wrapped in the towel on beach and go for swimming, but when you come back, you find that the towel is missing, along with your phone and wallet. This can happen to anyone. You can easily disable your phone and erase its data using security features that are loaded in almost every phone these days. But, what about those chits, ATM transaction slips, business cards, and other personal documents that you have kept in your wallet? Thieves can easily get all the personal information about you from your driving license, insurance information, and SSN details. So, in-order to avoid security threat, it is advisable to clean your wallet and remove all the unnecessary documents, and business cards, before you move out of your house to catch the flight.

No doubt that you cannot avoid carrying certain travel and business documents. But you should keep them in your hotel room when they are not required.tour28

Choose the best agency to take care of your traveling needs

Always choose trustworthy brand when it comes to choosing travel agency. Opt of the one that offers ticketing service for various modes in multiple countries. Easy Book is one such brand that offers to take care of your train, bus, ferry and taxi requirements in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and some other South East Asian nations. You can visit and browse their website for more details. Surprisingly, you can also book taxis to travel in Singapore’s border areas like Genting.