Top qualities of a good photographer

Being a good photographer does not just mean knowing the technique at your fingertips, composing the millimeter or having gear at 10,000 €. In fact, it does not necessarily have much to do with all that. No, you also need certain human qualities. Click here for photo shoot paris.

Obviously, I do not pretend to hold the absolute truth about what makes a good photographer (especially because it does not exist: P), but I am convinced that certain qualities play as much (more?) On your images as your control of the technique.

This is of course totally subjective, and there is no universal answer to the question “what makes a good photographer? Obviously. Visit this site for photo shoot paris.

The passion

Passion will allow you to persevere when you fail, when you are discouraged, you will always try new things, to photograph always more, to spend time … In short, I do not need to tell you that all that you will lead to better images.

If you are really passionate, you will not count your time, it will not bore you for a second, discover the operation of your device will be a real pleasure , spend hours developing your images to do exactly what you want will not appear not long.


Sensitivity is a quality. It’s not always easy to wear, but it helps a lot when you have an artistic passion (and the photo is one).

Being sensitive makes you see the world differently, with more flavors, colors, and especially emotions . If you have read the blog a bit, you know that apart from the somewhat technical articles, I often talk about the importance of emotion.

Sensitivity is also keeping a child’s eye on things. To marvel at a little  : a pretty light, something fun, cute, these little beauties that surround us all the time.

Sensitive a bit like a photo film elsewhere, that is to say in the sense of receptive , attentive to what surrounds us, because to see you must first know how to look , pay attention to details .

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It takes patience for two things:

First because you will not be a good photographer overnight.It takes time to learn, to practice, and to read on the photo. I learn things every day, and I think it’s great!

then because to find an interesting subject, but also to find the right composition, the right angle, the right settings, you have to know how to take your time.


It may sound strange, but curiosity is important. I love learning new things, understanding how it works, how to master a new tool, discover new techniques, new situations. I am very curious, and it had to play to lead me to the photo.