This is Your Ultimate Guide On How to Hire a Genius Wedding Florist

Flowers are one of the most preferred options when it comes to planning a party – specifically a wedding. There are a variety of options for how to handle your wedding flowers: You can opt for the DIY version, partially DIY, totally skip the flowers or even fill up your garden with some live plants after the wedding. And, if it works fine with you and if your budget allows, you can hire a wedding florist too.

If you’ve already decided to hire a wedding florist, you would have probably discovered a lot of options on the Internet. Once you google, there are millions of floral services available for every situation and occasion you can think about. So, it would be difficult for you to select a reliable and affordable florist for you and your wedding online. So, here we present you an ultimate guide to learn the basics of hiring a perfect wedding florist for your special day:

Types Of Florists

There are many different types of florists and floral services available:

 Retail Florists :

These are the small flower shops where you can stop to buy a nice bouquet of roses. They wonderfully cater for small orders but are not always stocked up for servicing full events. They even do funeral display pieces sometimes. But often, they are not the ones that you want to hire for your wedding.


Floral Designers :

These florists are the creative and artistic people who specialize in combining beautiful flowers to prepare awesome bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and various decor items for your special event. They are able to customize their style to the events they’re working for. You’ll have to pay for the flowers, services and their creative skills when you hire them for an event.

Full Service Event Designers :

These are the full-service event designers who’ll manage for not only the flowers, but also candles, paper goods, table numbers, decor pieces and a lot more things you may need to plan for the wedding day. They are the super talented artists and can execute your ideas and concepts to reality.

Some Important Things To Figure Out Before Looking Out For A Florist :

Prior to searching and calling out the local florists and hiring the one who’ll help you on your wedding, there are some important things you should know well:

Are Flowers Your Priority :

Depending on whether you like the blooms and the duration of the engagement, when you’re getting married, you may need to look out for the florists quite early in your wedding planning process. Also, If you’re getting married in the wedding season, you may find it difficult to hire a florist as they’ll be booked up very earlier.

Build Up The Floral Design Budget :

It may seem hard but very useful thing to have a rough idea of the budget you’re setting aside for the floral arrangements on your wedding day. Also, if you don’t have a fixed budget in mind, it would be difficult to reach out the florists and fix him than merely getting quotes from them.

Identify The Style You Want :

It would be very helpful if you have an idea about which types of flowers you like and what type of floral designs you wish to have on your wedding day. To get the real feel for styles and types of wedding flowers arrangements, you can look around on Pinterest or moysesflowers but don’t overthink on this. At last, you’ll end up with the things that are in-season and better accommodated in your budget.

Determine Your Floral Style :

Once, you’ve decided on what kinds of flowers you prefer. While talking to the potential florists, you can have a word about your preferred style of bouquet or any other floral arrangements. Some of the common floral styles are classic, romantic, natural, bold, modern and wild.

Yes, Now You’re Ready To Research Florists and hire :

Now, that you’ve budget in hand and you’ve figured out your floral style, you’re ready to go for researching florists. Following are some steps you should follow on this hunt:

  1. You may get numerous results on searching any wedding related things in Google. Also, to find out a good local florist, the best way is to ask your friends and family members nearby.
  1. Wedding websites are the most useful resources to hunt for the vendors and to get the reviews about their work. So, crosscheck the reviews on various websites to view the feedback from real customers.
  1. Checkout for the pricing while comparing various florists online and getting the best deal for your customized wedding plan.
  1. Evaluate the style and vision of the florists to capture the most creative ideas they have.

To help you figure out a potential florist’s style of working, do ask the questions mentioned below:

  • How many weddings they’ve done before?
  • Cam I see the photographs of your work?
  • Have you done weddings at our venue before?
  • How many weddings are you handling the same day?
  • Are you going to just drop the flowers or will help to set up too?
  • How do you like to work with clients?
  • Do you like to work in my budget?
  • What are the other services you’ll provide?
  • What do you do if you can’t provide something you’ve agreed upon?

Besides, you may have a contract or a service agreement signed, to ensure the best services and avoid any kind of unwanted circumstances on your very special day.