Things to know all about the epf

When you are working in the company, they will definitely offer you the different types of allowances to get rid of their financial situations. Here employee provident fund is one of the important and best tool of you retirement planning. The maturity and the tax free interest ensure a good money and worth. If you continued this for a long term then it will help you immensely in meeting your retirement goal. But when you are fulfilling you other goals you may fall short of money, you will search the alternative solution such as borrowing money to solve your shortages. In that time this EPF will give the best solution to your problem which most of us are really unaware of. If you are in that problem then don’t worry this epf balance will take care of everything. This is the most popular and beneficial investment scheme of the people who are working for the salaries.

Advantages if this EPF

There are number of benefits available for the people when they have this EPF option and some of the beneficial aspects of this EPF facility are listed below. So go through it if you want to know that real benefit.


  • If you have the special occasion in your house then you must be in the need of fund at this time this EPF will give the best solution for your problem but with the certain limit and conditions. For instance, if you need the money for the marriage, education for your child or any other need for your sibling then you can with draw up to 50% of your contribution.
  • You can also with draw your EPF amount to contribute your dream house repair, construction or maintenance. For this contribution you can use 36 months of your wages from your EPF balance.
  • This EPF balance gives the best help when they are in the medical emergency and this takes the important place when you need the money for the major surgery. For this reason you can with draw your amount up to six times for your salary form your epf balance. This is the important tool so use this when it is the last option to solve your problem.