Different Types of Handbags for Various Occasions

Bags are now experiencing their revival. While they are usually worn casually, combined with the ethnic look, they can also look very elegant in leather or with rivets. On the front, the pockets are appreciated for their practical use. Bag bags are often made of extra soft and “crumple-friendly” materials such as washed leather. The order cannot be kept in this kind of bag, however, because they usually have no solid floor. Also typical is the closure of the bag with two cords which are gathered at the waist. The handbags are almost exclusively worn with a long shoulder strap.


Clutch Bags:

A clutch is the name of all the pockets you can cover with your hand. The term was derived from the English word “to clutch”, which means “clasping”. It does not really matter whether the bag has a brooch, square or tubular – the main thing you hold in your hand. As a companion for the evening, the small compact bag should decorate and complement your outfit. Whether striking or classic – the bag is universally applicable and therefore a must-have in every pocket range. Sometimes, however, the size becomes a problem, which is why we should limit ourselves to what is most necessary. One advantage is that nothing is lost in the evening bag. Even over the day, we can use the all-rounder: for example, as an inner bag for the actual bag, in which we can put make-up, keys, mobile phone & Co. It is particularly nice if both parts are optically well harmonized.

Chain Bag:

As a basic of the chain bag is usually a clutch, which is provided with a chain of metal. This has the practical reason that most of the ladies wanted to have both hands free when going out, for example for a joint dance. Thus the competition for the already established Clutch was born with the first chain handbag. The glam factor is also as high as in the case of chain straps.

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