Success story of Vålerenga football team

Football game is the one which has its wide range of hardcore fans all over the world. The game which is watched majority of the people in the world is football. It is best physical exercise ever and it will require the extraordinary stamina in body to withstand in the game. And the team work that is maintained by the players will alone fetch the good results. The people who are watching it will get excited to the core with the ferocious game play. This is why the football supporters of all over the world are increase in number.

In Norway the Vålerenga football team acquires such a fan club with its popularity and their nature of the game play at every event. This team has used to play their games at the Ullevaal stadium which is the national football stadium of Norway. They do not have their own stadium during the earlier days. Norwegian football association is responsible for the maintenance and has possession of Ullevaal stadium. Initially this stadium was built with the capacity of about 25000 seats to occupy.  Though it is built in the year of 1926, it was not lead as it. The alterations and the remodeling of the stadium were constantly done during various time periods. Moreover during the year of 2013 it could able to cover 28000 seats.

Success story of Vålerenga football teamThough the Vålerenga football team played their game at every sports session, they do not have their own stadium for them this has made them to get worry a lot. After a long struggle they have built an own stadium called Vålerenga football stadium and it has the capacity of covering 22,000 seats for people who are watching the game. In future they have the plan to extend the facility of seating arrangements of about 35000 seats.

Since the ambition of team is to have an own football arena, they had plan the cost arrangements very effectively in the way of not to get wasted even a single penny. This has made them to build the arena with utmost care and at considerable cost. Always the people who are facing the problem to complete something will take the great care on it and they will know the value of it for life time. This is what happened in the case of the Vålerenga football team and so they had worked hard to make the team as a winning team. The initiative steps that they have taken mentionable in the history of the football team of Norway. And the stadium that they have got newly has made them to play the game more enthusiastically. When a work is done with the great love and more interest the output that resulted out of it will be as expected. This was proved by the football team and they gained what they want with the persistent hard work and perseverance to know more details about it you can visit so that you can gain the reliable details that are posted by the supporters of this particular football team.