Storm Season: Do Not Stand Alone

While almost nobody would ever dream of fighting an expensive claim in court without hiring their own lawyer to represent their personal interests, most people essentially do just that when it comes time to make a claim with their insurance company. While it is easy to suppose that the company’s adjuster is there to help you, he is still an employee of the company and part of his job is to satisfy you at the least possible cost to his employer. While this can work well in many cases, there are times when it is definitely to your advantage to avail yourself of your right to have your own so-called public adjuster serving as an equally-well-informed representative advocating on your behalf.Storm Season

One of the most important parts of the public adjusters job is to review your current insurance policy and make sure that you are receiving all of the benefits which that policy is supposed to confer in the event of a claimable event. There are often provisions for the drawing of emergency funds for alternate housing and other expenses which are little known and seldom claimed. Having a public insurance adjuster on your team means that these guaranteed but relatively obscure clauses are going to be spotted and enforced for your benefit.

Another area where a public adjuster can be of service is when the time comes to establish exactly what sort of damage has been done to your property and how much needs to be paid in order to fix it. One of the most frequent cases where this is necessary is when a dispute arises over the repair or complete replacement of some particular item. Many independent studies have shown that homeowners who exercise their right to a public insurance adjuster end up with substantially larger and fairer settlements than do those who rely on the innate generosity of the insurance company.Do Not Stand Alone

The point is simply that this is a negotiated business transaction between you and your insurance company. The representative on the other side of the table is someone who has extensive experience in the process, while most homeowners have little to none. This puts the average policy holder at a severe disadvantage, especially when people are too polite to make a fuss even if they believe themselves to be in the right.

Many highly educated professionals nevertheless rely on the services of an agent when it comes time to negotiate on important matters. There is no reason why homeowners shouldn’t enjoy the same advantages in their own business dealings. Having a trained and determined professional on your side is only right. The staff at Benchmark Adjusters want you to know that you do not have to face an entire corporation all by yourself. There is help available to you if you feel that you would be better off to have someone with experience do your talking for you. Not only does it produce superior results financially-speaking, bu it also leads to quicker action in getting the matter resolved.