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Water is a natural substance which is the cold state. It may be warm in some conditions. But to make it hot there are some other external efforts are need to heat it. Water heater is the widely used device to make the water to reach a particular temperature. The materials used in heating the water are timber or firewood and electricity. But in these days the usage of electricity is not an affordable task. So timbers are used to heat the water for the required temperature level. Heaters reduce the amount of ashes and smoke produced in the process. Water heater leak is the common disadvantage faced by the users.

Causes of leakage in water heater

hjotPoor Maintenance of the heater is main drawback in the heater. The dust particles and the dissolved materials in water will make the tank unclean and make it prone to some chemical reactions which might turn the nature of water and the tank.  Loose connections are the other commonly known things which make the leakage. The Water heater leak is usually seen in the joints and connections of the heater pipelines. Pressures valves play important role in maintain the pressure of the boiler and the temperature valves keep the boiler temperature according to the need of the user. If there are any faults and damages in the valves leakage will occur.

Remedies for avoiding and closing the leakage

Leak in water heater can be corrected by following some simple instructions and recommended precautious measures. All one have to do is just to follow them regularly and make sure the safety of the heater. Here there are some solutions to keep the instruments and tank in proper working conditions. The common cause of leakage is loose connections and they can be corrected by tightening the joints and connections using the plumbing tools.

If there is a leakage in the pressure and temperature valve then it should be corrected by checking the damage conditions of the valves. After finding the exact location of the leak, the necessary steps will be carried out according to the nature of the leak. When the tank is damaged due to rust and crack, the parts should be replaced. This would need the assistance of a plumber. Having an experienced plumber as a helping hand will make the work easier. And thus leakage will be avoided by marinating the tank and the connections regularly.