Seven Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Whether you are making over your bedroom or just decorating it for the first time before moving in, you could probably use a few tips to help you make the right moves. If you can’t afford a big time interior decorator, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the job yourself and still achieve a great result. Here are five ideas you can use to turn your bedroom into a haven.


No matter how big or small your bedroom is, it can easily get cluttered. Avoid this by using walk in closets Abu Dhabi and the space under your bed for storage. This alone will make a world of a difference to your room. You may not even recognize it after putting everything away.


Find some quality new bedding or an altogether brand new bed to change things up. Try to find or even create your own new bedding for a touch of personality. Coordinate the patterns and colors with the rest of the room for optimal effect.


Accent Pillows

This is a nice way of adding a pop of color without having to do much, and it doesn’t cost you much either. You don’t need to change your bedding entirely, you can just add a bold, contrasting colored cushion or square pillow to stand out against your other pillows.

Simply Rearrange

You can always just rearrange your perfect furnishing in the bedroom. Sometimes all you need is a little rearrangement to make the whole place look brand new. Moving everything around is also the perfect opportunity to get a more thorough cleaning job done! Get the carpets cleaned, vacuum, and flip that mattress!

Go Green

No, not in terms of energy (although that is a smart way to go too). You can liven up your room by adding some flora. You can use indoor plants of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Plants are a great way to bring life to any space, and they naturally purify the air by producing oxygen.


Try a set of sheer curtains instead of thick, heavy ones, or blinds and shutters. This way you can work with the light coming in through your windows. Sheer curtains also provide that nice airy feel, which is perfect for warm temperatures and sunny skies.




The lighting can make all the difference in your room. Instead of having regular lights and switches, have dimmer switches. This way you have full control over the lighting at any given time. Ideally, you should have some bedside lighting too, for those times you want to read in bed. Having this on either side of the bed will be useful if you are sharing the space with a partner.

These seven tips can turn your room into a total paradise. You may just never want to leave!