Reasons of Malware programs on your site

If your site is showing an error message of your website being insecure, then it might be possible that is being hacked and thereby google has rated it as an unsafe website. At times, even after fixing the hack issue, the error message continues to pop up. So here we will discuss the reasons and fixing process of this your hacked 먹튀사이트.

Two basic reasons why website is marked unsafe

  1. Hacked- the very first reason of a website being unsafe by google is because it is hacked. When a visitor opens such websites, the hack code or malware program might infect the user`s data and might also spread to other websites too. So in order to safeguard other websites, google blocks this web page.
  2. Advertising network- the other most probable reason is due to advertisements from low quality websites ad networks that at times display ads linked website distributing the malicious code. Google marks the page being unsafe since it invites some low quality based advertisements

2 ways of fixing this error

But before you start with the fixing process make sure to have backed up the WordPress site since you may require a backup later. Recovering a website and eradicating the malware of it can be a very complicated task since many at times in spite of removing it, the malware program might come again. So here are two processes:

  1. Backdoor process- it is actually a process of bypass of normal authentication process and then gaining ability to access the server remotely in spite of remaining undetected. Though, finding the backdoor process isn`t easy since the code might be an unsafe password, the unsafe file permission, or a disguised file. After you have successfully removed backdoor, you need to check all the data files and data base
  2. Sucuri- it`s a website monitoring and a security service for the wordpress servers. It monitors the website for any suspicious activity, blocks hacking attempts on website, and totally cleans up the malware infecting the site.

It costs at something around $199 and is a safe investment for your website.