No More Air Couriers

In 1997, I purchased an air ticket to Hong Kong for less than $300. The Air Courier Association connected me with a consolidator, who paid most of the ticket, in exchange for my baggage space. I arranged to meet with an agent, and I checked in early at the airport, on both ends of my trip. In retrospect, it was a risky endeavor without any negative consequence. The air courier company no longer exists. I did attempt to contact them in 2005, and I was more disappointed in that service. Air couriers seem to have vanished also. As use of the internet has grown, discount sites like Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak make booking flights with an agent unnecessary.

Shared Transport

Shared transportation definitely reduced my expenses when in Brazil (2005). The remote location for my teacher training was only accessible by taxi from the airport. The taxi cost more than $150 one way. During my stay, and in the return trip I was able to coordinate taxis with other guests. Some rides we bundled up to five people into a vehicle and paid just $1 or $2 a piece. Negotiate in the native language for the best deal, and always pack a sense of humor. cek tarif dakota

Travel Companions

There have been times when someone I know has asked me to fly with them to reduce their overall costs. I’ve also known others who rely on friends to accompany elderly, or special needs travelers in exchange for payment of housing, and airfare. The caveat is not knowing what you will encounter along the way. My personal experiences have always been extraordinarily good when traveling with older people. Patience, and a willingness to assist someone who is vulnerable has resulted in free meal, free hotel rooms, and only small delay in my own travel itinerary. The slogan “Be a traveler, not a tourist” means that you can’t purchase good company.

Social Networks

Global access to information changed how we purchased travel products. Interesting sites like CouchSurfing, or Meetup provide a venue for travelers to access local resources. Here, it is possible to connect with strangers who share your interests. The best service these social media networks provide is freedom. You can make of it what you wish. Your participation is completely voluntary, and there are no fees for using these sites. At best, they are surprisingly successful in exchange of local cultural resources. Clearly, social media networks are infecting young travelers with optimism about global exploration. How will this evolve and effect the travel we embark on?