Movavi Video Editor: Excellent PC Alternative to iMovie

Most people who have edited videos on a Mac in the past would have at very least experimented with iMovie. The app itself comes as part of OS X and is one of the favorite tools of most Mac users to edit and improve their videos due to the fact that it is easy-to-use while still providing an ample set of features.

In that regard PC users certainly lose out – as iMovie can’t be used on Windows. However as much as that is true, you’ll find that Movavi Video Editor is an excellent PC alternative that will match iMovie and in some cases even surpass it.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

The main reason why Movavi Video Editor stands toe-to-toe with iMovie is due to its simple and user-friendly functionality. It is designed so that its user interface as well as its controls are both as intuitive as possible and so anyone can pick it up and use it without having to learn how to do so or requiring any past experience.


It should only take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with each of the features in Movavi Video Editor, and not long more to use them to create professional-looking videos.

Extensive Capabilities

In tandem with its user-friendly nature, Movavi Video Editor also includes extensive capabilities that rival that of iMovie. On a basic level it comes with the standard features that you would expect from a video editor and can be used to cut and trim video footage, combine video clips, improve the quality of the video, and transform its frame and orientation too.

However on top of that Movavi Video Editor also has several other features that stand out and give it an edge. In particular these features include:

  • Numerous artistic special effects and filters that can be used to transform the visual style of your videos to give them a different feel.
  • Stylish animated transitions that can be inserted into different parts of your video to let it flow smoothly from one scene to the next.
  • Titles that can be customized and animated to create unique captions, watermarks, subtitles and other fun types of text.
  • A slideshow creation mode that can be used to create attractive video slideshows from photos as well as videos along with background music, special effects, and other bells and whistles.

In short rather than looking for an iMovie download for Windows – you could simply start to use Movavi Video Editor instead. It is really comparable to iMovie in every way, and can be used on all versions of Windows so that you can start to channel your creativity and produce amazing videos with ease.