We all use different kinds of phones, smart phones, android, windows and iOS phones, but most of don’t know these operating systems have a different mode of application building. iOS is a unique operating system used only in Apple phones. As such, these phones can be put in the most advanced category of

Smart phones as its every feature are a next-gen approach. App developers have gone wild with the invention of iOS 8 that allows its users to install third party keypads and this could really be a fun. Some of these third-party keyboards are really doing well in the market. In this article, you will come to know about some of these latest developments in mobile technology.

Is Mobile Technology Getting Friendlier to Its Users?

For now, the above words are true and implicate that mobile technology is providing its users a luxury to install their wishful applications and Doodle Keyboard is one of them. Now with the help of keypad, one can sketch responses exactly at the place in your text. You can easily create art in your message box. For now, mobile technology is really getting friendlier to its users.

Doodle Keyboard

Types of Doodle Keypad-

Draw type– It is the latest kind of doodle keypad which gives access to a simple pen palette and color in your message box. You can use it as like your emoji and another keyboard. The difference is it incorporates a number of options more than other keyboards. A complete drawing tool for the message box and once a response is drawn it duplicates the image to the clipboard of your mobile and thus, you can paste it in the response box. You can now copy your doodle which was earlier an impossible task.

Fleksy– Using iOS mobile has gone very easy now. Added advantage like installing a wishful application to the phone avails luxury to a novice in its handling. It is the official fastest keyboard allowing its use with an availability of speedy typing and autocorrects functions. It also adds style to your message with attracting colorful themes.

GIF Keyboard- Doodle Keypad is a privilege for Apple phone users and one can install it mobile with quite sophistication. You can download it for other iOS 8 keypads. The only difference is that it needs an account set up for further access.

In this article, you got to know about Doodle keyboard and its different types advancing the Apple mobile technology.