Meditation is one of the most effective ways to be healthy by body and mind. When a person spends a little bit of more time to prepare for the meditation, he actually experiences the focused meditation techniques. In this article some of the useful tips regarding the meditation are going to describe so that the people can easily do follow the mediation and make their body and mind healthy. When someone would go for the meditation, it would be boring to him or her; however during the course of meditation the usefulness would be revealed by the person slowly. The meditation changes the life totally. Just 1o minutes of regular practice would let the person to have better life.

The techniques

 Let’s take a look on the different meditation techniques. There are basically six methods to do the meditation. All are very effective regarding the health issue because all offer a good health and mind. Let’s explore the methods:

  • Guided meditation: There are many places which provide the perfect meditation guide with music to make the body and mind relaxed. The android, Windows, iPhone platforms offer the perfect meditation guide.
  • Candle starring: There are many people who are facing problem to focus on something. They can try the candle starring which helps to hold the attention. It is one of the best mediation methods to enhance the attention level.


  • Chanting mantras:It is one of the most followed techniques in meditation. In this process same words are repeated many times and this repetition helps to enhance the concentration and let the person to focus more efficiently. Gayatri Mantra is widely used to chant repeatedly in this technique. However the people can choose the mantras by their own choice.
  • Visualization: It is not so easy method. In this method the person would have to visualize an ideal person or incident which is not really happening. By doing so they can increase the power of their mind and soul.
  • Another important method of meditation is to meditate the present situation which is commonly done by the people.
  • Becoming an observer is another method where the person is to focus on his or her own mind.

Elements used in the meditation

 The basic elements of nature are used in the mediation. Sahaja Yoga method of meditation uses the fire, water, soil as the elements.In this method the candles are used which represent the fire and water. The fire represents the purest form of the Sun which is the sole source of energy. In all other techniques of meditation the elements are used in various ways.