Medical Marvels

The modern world has many marvelous technologies that are more readily available than ever before. It’s truly a great time to be alive. However, one area has come much farther than any other, and that’s the world of medicine. Fortunately for us, the life span of the average person now reaches the late 70’s. In fact, we know now that children born today are likely to exceed 100 years of age due the medical advances that seem to exponentially grow each day. Many fatal diseases of the past are either easily treatable today or an out right non-issue thanks in part to medicinal advancements highly trained and skilled doctorsover the years. The bubonic plague that wiped out most of Europe’s population in the Middle Ages has been all but completely eradicated. Even the big bad wolf of health concerns, cancer, while it is not curable or easily treatable, can be treated and sometimes eliminated completely or sent into remission. With the scientific and technological advancements in the medical field, we now live longer and can recover from otherwise fatal diseases and injuries. We have stepped outside of evolution and take control of our destiny as a species. After all, according to Darwin, we as a species continue to evolve and have a deep innate nature and want to survive. There is little doubt to the validity of his theories and evolution that he fashioned many years ago.

Even discounting the invaluable presence of highly trained and skilled doctors, even civilians can do some diagnostics via numerous medical resources. Whether it’s from medical texts from your local library or online resources like Web M.D., even lay people can take matters into their own hands, sometimes, when it comes to health concerns. While it’s not recommended by medical professionals, and for good reason, you can at least know when you do or do not need to seek medical attention. I, myself, have experienced episodes of dissociation and can rest assured that it’s a side effect of medication I’m taking and not, say, a brain tumor, and I have that assurance thanks to a quick Google search. We’re even making great strides in prolonging human lifespans, and this, too, is becoming commercially available in the form of medicines like Life Extension. Truly, we are very fortunate nowadays, to have access to so many life saving, and life improving, medical advancements. It wasn’t long ago that living past the age of 60 was unheard of. Aren’t you happy to be alive today?