Looking for a multi utility business application to channelize your workflow? Time Clock Wizard comes to your rescue!!

The present age of Internet and smartphones have brought about a vast change in themanner we access resources today. From shopping to entertainment everything andanything today is available at an instance of a single click. While smartphones have undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our life, the endless range of utility applications available in Android and iOS market make it further easy to enhance a userexperience to access content online.

Running a business organisation is possibly one of the most difficult tasks to imagine and if it’s a large employee MNC with multiple departments operational within the same workplace, then it becomes quite hectic for the HR department and the department heads to keep a track of employee management, work scheduling, priority calls and what not!

In the massive range of mobile applications that promise to ease workflow continuity within an office, time clock wizard has successfully created a space for itself by providing some of the most resourceful features that could ease up the most hectic workplace tasks like managing payroll, tracking employee time clock and work progress, remote time clock guard and many others.


What makes Time clock wizard a popular work application?

  • Customer friendly interface
  • On the clock intensive minute to minute tracking
  • Employee task management
  • GPS tracking
  • 100 free web application available for android and iOS mobile users
  • No additional software installations required

Easy to use and simple interface: With its table layout and box arrangement, all your information will easilybreakdown into a strategic format where it will become very easy to record andrefer information anytime. Categorisation makes it further easy to track downinformation through a search filter that comes in built with the software.

One thing which is very important with any management software is the permissioncontrols that allow how much information is visible and can be accessed. With threedifferent task layouts, time clock wizard organises employee time clock information viewing best for managers, developersas well as clients so there is no time wasted in finding information that caters to your needs.