Improve a child’s understanding of maths by teaching them basic maths at a young age

Maths is indeed one key skill which every child needs to develop in them. Though there are many aspects to Maths, parents need to make sure that their kids explore Maths at an early stage and this can be done through the informal contexts every day. Apart from that there are also a number of activity books and online worksheets that can be used for your child to help them develop their skills in Maths.

A very solid foundation in maths is very important for any child to succeed. Without such a foundation, kids would have a trouble in school and college. Kids who have very weak skills in Maths always find this subject very confusing and also difficult and they also get poor grades. Parents also notice that the kid at times also develops the Math anxiety. By making the child understanding the basics of maths, you are improving their foundation and you will be amazed to know that the stress which is caused by the poor maths skills just disappears.


But to do the same, parents need to follow a very systematic approach. Kids need to be exposed to the broad introduction and they also need to practice the same regularly so that it helps to build confidence. By practice they also get deep understanding of the subject.

Parents often make some mistakes while teaching maths to kids and they are:

  • Parents often overemphasize on the arithmetic and tend to ignore the other aspects of maths.
  • Hey also often focus on reviewing the math concepts that are mostly out of sequence.

Let us know discuss about the right approach to teach basic math’s. The right kind of teaching should start by teaching the five maths strands. They are as follows:

  • The Number Sense and Operations: This maths strand is all about Arithmetic and the place value.
  • The Algebra: It always helps to learn and recognize various patterns from very young age. Starting with Algebra basics will act as groundwork where kids can easily work with the various algebraic values.
  • The Geometry and the Spatial Sense: Kids who build their knowledge about the basic shapes will certainly find it easy to increase their ability to reason with spatially, visualize various space objects and will start to use geometry to solve the problems.
  • The Measurement: Teaching kids with basics of measuring and comparing is a very important life skill too as it can encompass various concepts of weight, length, time, money, temperature and capacity.
  • Probability and Data Analysis: After a certain stage teaching kids on how to use tables or charts and graphs will certainly help them to share or organize the information they find around the world they live in.

Teaching the kids maths at a very early stage is indeed helpful as it helps to face the subject in their schools and colleges with all the needed confidence. So, it is time to take your first step now.