How to Protect Your Child from Kidnapping

Love for the children includes constant care as well as the need to protect them from various dangers that lurk in their environment. The reality is that there are potential dangers that surround your child whether it be on the way to the school or in the park. Every child is exposed to a risk of kidnapping, but as a parent you can do a lot of things to protect your child. If you are in need of a professional advice from a lawyer, call mitch engel law brampton.

Here is a list of things you should consider:

Advise your child never to go to someone else’s car unless you say so. Also advise your child to stay away from people who walk behind them or follow them with a car and immediately go to the nearest house and report that to the residents. It is never safe to let your child walk from school, that is why you or some other family member you trust, should take and pick your child from school.

Advise your child not to pay attention to adults who are asking for a help, for example to help them find something they lost. They should not talk to strangers or the street.

Advise your child that it is ok if they yell when they are sensing danger. If some stranger is trying to approach them your child is allowed to let people around them know that this person is a stranger.


Never let your child go somewhere alone. If the kid wants to go outside and play, make sure that they are in the closest neighborhood and on your watch. If you are not able to do that ask someone you know to take care of the child and make sure they stay safe.

Adults should never tell their intimate secrets to children. Make sure your child knows that and tell you immediately if someone they know told them something inappropriate. Then, have a conversation with that person and if you notice something suspicious in their words, do not hesitate to report that person to the police.

Your child should notify you or their teacher if some adult is acting strange and is trying to photograph them alone.

Practice words and phrases with your child and tell them that they are allowed to shout if they sense danger. Make they say these words out loud. Advise your child to breathe deeply when shouting and run immediately towards the closest house or the person/ teacher they know.

If they are not feeling comfortable around a certain adult, your children should not be ashamed or afraid to tell you. Let your child know that you are there for them always and that they can talk to you about anything. It is important to always have a good communication with your child and ask them how their day was. Asking for details and paying attention to details is important.