How To Change Your Style With Embroidered Patches?

The fashion industry has seen many changes and revolts because of which so many trends are being followed all across the world. However, one of the most unique trends was the introduction of the embroidery patches.

These are made from felt paper or some other fabric which are usually heavier than normal cotton or silk fabric. The embroideries can be done either with normal stitches or knitting works. Various designs are formed on the patches because of which they are now being used on dresses and other apparels to make them look beautiful, unique, and bolder.

So, before you reach to any conclusion, let’s find out the ways in which you can make your wardrobe more stylish using these embroidered patches.

In denim pants or jackets

The primary area where the patches have found an immense use is in the denim industry. Be it the jacket or the jeans, several patches are stuck over the fabric to make them look colorful and more appealing. People even love to sew the patches on the torn holes and other worn out parts of the denim apparels. Since the denims are thicker fabrics, you need to make sure that the patch is at least of the similar thickness, if not more.


Another major area where the patches are used is in the uniform making. If you take a look at the police uniforms, you will see that their sleeve monograms are made from the embroidered patching pieces. This is to make sure that the symbols and the signs don’t fade away after repeated washes. The same is applicable for school uniforms, security uniforms, guard uniforms, and so on.

Casual women dresses

In many short dresses and the one-piece dresses, the felt embroidery patches are used to introduce color and variation in the apparels. These are usually found in the sleeves, around the neckline, in one corner of the bust region, and along the hemline. Based on your choice, you can even have a custom designed patch sewed to the dresses for more vibrancy and a style makeover.

Beanies and hats

Beanies are really cute. But to make them cuter, you can use the little, lovely patches and sew them along the hemline of the beanies. With the increasing love for the patches, many fashion houses are introducing the hats and beanies having small patches around the hemline.

T-shirts and hoodies

Another major area where the embroidered patches have found an immense application is in the manufacturing of stylish hoodie and t-shirts. Using the patches you can now make a dull, solid color t-shirt more stylish and appealing for the eyes.

The patches having different types of embroideries have become quite famous in the recent time. So, look for the best patch style and design and remake your wardrobe.