How to avoid hitting a kangaroo on your trip

The most common perception of the tourist about Australia is that there are dangerous wildlife roaming on the roads and it is very risky driving the car on the roads. If you are in Melbourne then there is a rare chance that you see a kangaroo on the road. But if you want to see real kangaroos and think where to see kangaroos near melbourne there is no need to worry as there are plenty of places to visit like gresswell forest, westerfold park, and many more. It is always better to know few tips while driving on the Australian roads so that you can avoid hitting the kangaroo.

  • There are certain places where you can be sure that the kangaroos can jump on the road at any time. It is better to drive safely in those places. Some of those places are bushland, urban areas, and the sea area.
  • It is common advice given to everyone that driving speedily is dangerous. Whenever you are driving you need to follow the rule and regulations and adjust your speed accordingly. In the same way when you driving and reaches the areas where the kangaroos live you can find a signboard that will indicate the speed limit. Make sure you follow that and be very slow.
  • If you find a kangaroo on the road, first try to assess why it is standing on the road? If there is a baby in her pouch or near her then there is the chance that it may attack you. But if you do not find a baby and it is calm you drive slowly and cross the kangaroo.
  • One thing you need to remember is that kangaroos are not in danger all the time. So when you come across the kangaroo while driving, do not leave the chance to look at the kangaroo closely. All do not get that chance.


Hope the above-mentioned points will help you to drive safely and avoid hitting them.