FourTips On How To Play The Piano In 21 Days

No matter what skill you are about to learn there always obstacles that you will have to overcome, as is with piano lessons as well. To learn to play the Piano in 21 days may sound easy, and it can be, but only when you have put in the right amount of practice, focus and dedication. Many people who take up piano lessons that go beyond 21 days, either by learning through traditional or online methods, find it difficult to continue learning new methods as they feel they have hit a slump and can’t go on. The six tips mentioned in this article will teach you how to maximize your learning potential and play the Piano in 21 days.

These tips will help you overcome any obstacles you may face while trying to master the art of playing Piano in 21 days:

  1. Have fun and give yourself some room:

The one con that online piano tutorials have is that no one will tell you when to take a break that decision is purely left to you. Granted that there is a dedicated time to play but you should also keep in mind to be open to failure and mistakes and not be too hard on yourself if you goof up now and then. Listed below are three methods on how you can remove the fear of failure and looking bad while playing.

Method 1:

Piano In 21 Days

Get away from your piano and turn off your tutorial, turn off all the devices that are noisy and distracting, turn off your lights and then sit back done in front of your piano. Once you are settled in front of your instrument, play the keys and in any random order and allow yourself to make mistakes. By doing so you are allowing your mind to be free from the anxiety that may come from making mistakes and looking bad.

Method 2:

This method focuses on your playing skills rather than your failure. Increase the noise distractions and then go back to playing your piece. Once you start playing, you begin to tune out all the distractions and focus on what the piano and the keys.

  1. Walk away from the keyboard occasionally:

When you feel overwhelmed by your lessons, you can turn off the tutorial for some time and just step away from the piano and focus on some other task. This helps you cool down before you can learn to play again.

  1. Motivate yourself with short term and long term goals:

Setting goals can be very satisfying as you are able to track your progress throughout the 21 days and finally notice the result on how far you have progressed since you have started the course.

  1. Identify your strengths

Everyone has a different kind of strength along with their skills, it’s very rare that the traditional teachers recognize the strengths and act upon them, so it is very important that you know your strengths and learn the piano according to them.


Whenever you feel inspired always remember to play and practice, without sufficient practice you will be disappointed, but once you have practiced enough you will notice a progress in your skills, so bust out those musical abilities and learn to play the Piano in 21 days.