Features of web application server

Web Application server is mixed up with the web server which mainly handles HTTP protocols and may deals with different types of protocols present in the web pages. Web server their main role is to display the site where their content is present which is used to interaction between the users to display the content present in the web site page. Where the Application server plays conjunction with the web server where one is to display the content and another one is to interact with the user. The web sphere application server is mainly runs on java-based business applications platform and main task the server is implication of Java 2 Enterprise Edition i.e., J2EE specification. Web sphere server provides a various services which may include data base connectivity, threading and workload management which can use for your business applications. If you are familiar with the platform J2EE you will easily recognize the web container and EJB container. The web based container is mainly used for the execution of servlets and Java Server pages (JSPs) where this both are used for the generate markup to viewed by the web browsers. The web container travels through embedded HTTP server when there is traffic occurs into and out of web pages.


There are some important compounds present outside the server process which respond to the client request sent to the server side. Client is mainly used to send the request to the server side where server gets the request send by the client and depend upon the request server respond to it. Web application server is mainly written in the python language which is open source software. An application server can be a software framework which provides a general approach for creating application-server implementation. The server function is mainly based on the efficiency of the procedure i.e. program or script that encoded in the server. When you look based on web modules it includes servlets and java server pages, where Java Application Servers leaves many java EE features which may include Tomcat from Apache. Other server is PHP server which is also includes in open source software and PHP server runs and managing on PHP applications. Mobile application server is used in mobile applications where it support many applications to download or allow accessing the web browsers present in mobile devices and this application is widely used because of usage of mobile, the server response is depend upon the client request.