Features And Benefits Of Blue Sapphire

History of Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire gemstone has been holding a great position in the astrological aspect as a strong and powerful gemstone since 800BC. In ancient Persia people believed the sky was the reflection of the blue sapphire stone. King in the ancient time used to gift the Blue sapphire gemstone as the symbol of love, loyalty and romance. During medieval age people had a strong belief that this Neelam stone suppresses the negative thoughts and empowers the positive vibes within the wearer. King Solomon always wore a ring embraced with the blue sapphire, and everywhere he went he bought peace and prosperity among the citizens. In modern era Prince Charles gifted a blue sapphire engagement ring to her queen. So the blue sapphire gemstone has been the symbol of heaven and is believed to have an immense power that is transmitted to the wearer.

Blue Sapphireis the gemstone symbolizing Saturn. Saturn is a particular planet which though is farthest in our solar system; there is a strong effect on human beings. People wearing this Neelam stone are successful in their life. This gemstone has a unique ability to change the environment and bring the opportunities to the wearer. It is a strong stone which develops a unique ability within the owners body itself. It doesn’t show its magic within two or three days but changes the way of thinking in the long run.

To get the maximum effect of the Blue sapphire gemstone, one should be extremely cautious while wearing. Before wearing this gemstone dip the stone in the gangajal for some instance of time along with the flowers. After taking out the stone, do not throw away the leftover gangajal and flowers, instead pour it in the plants or running stream. Wear the gemstone in a ring or necklace embarked on a gold or silver. While wearing the gemstone do not forget to recite the mantra 108 times facing  your head towards the sun.

Benefits Of Blue Sapphire

Planet – Saturn
Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
Right Metal – Silver or Gold
Finger – Middle
Day to wear – Saturday
Mantra – “Om PraamPreemPraumSahShanichRaayNamah.”

Benefits of Blue Sapphire

If worn with right procedure blue sapphire has many benefits for the owner’s life. Let’s go through the straight points;

  • Fortune Turner; if your astrology suits the blue sapphire gemstone, it brings you the good luck, wealth, and prosperity. If you’re stuck in any situation where you can’t get through it, the stone provides energy to overcome the bad situation.
  • Decision making; the use of blue sapphire creates an environment where you only follow the right path and take good decisions. This stone always prevents you from any confusion or dilemma. Many celebrities are climbing their success stairs only after the use of blue sapphire Gemstone.
  • Improves health; for the chronic digestion problems, the energy of Saturn is transferred into the body by the blue stone. Along with the respiratory health it calms down the blood circulation and maintains the blood pressure. The blue sapphire has the immense power of the Saturn that directly benefits the health of the wearer.it also has the power of healing the body physically and spiritually. The power of the blue stone reduces the fatigue, mental stress and anxiety.
  • Increases focus and concentration; for the students who can’t develop concentration during study, the blue sapphire creates the positive environment for the study. It increases the level of understanding and focus power. For the professional personnel also, blue sapphire creates a creative environment in their work.
  • Balance in the cosmic energy; Blue sapphire has the great role in balancing the crown chakra. This is the key to have a balanced cosmic energy.
  • Protection against accident; Blue sapphire protects the wearer from the accidents and threat. In ancient period kings used to wear these stone to protect their kingdom from the attack and any other destruction. It shields the owner from any harm or accidental deaths.
  • Overcome sade sati; if blue sapphire is astrologically suitable for you than its use overcomes the effect of sade sati. It shows a miraculous effect in Saturn Transits like the Sade Sati.