Enjoy hours with Remote Control Monster Trucks on snow

When there’s an inch or more of snow on the ground you have an opportunity to turn your backyard into a remote control monster truck occasion.

There’s no requirement for that snow to simply lie there and go to waste. Design a monster truck rally course, and turn your backyard into an area RC playground. Lay it out on paper first (draw a plan). Think up a major four-wheel competitors track, and scale it down to radio control model size.


The only thing that restricts your fun right here is your creativity. Let it go insane with this task. Provide your children, and yourself, an adventure. Check out My rctopia for more info about these monsters.

What to do with snow and monster truck?

Stack the snow into tall mounds, and develop a hill-climbing occasion. Make the sides of your hillsides high enough to provide your trucks an obstacle while they reach the top. Flatten the top of your hillsides into masses big enough to navigate the trucks when they effectively work out the climb.

Construct in-line ramps, apart however dealing with each other, for jumping occasions. Make certain you put up these ramps far enough apart to exercise your remote control monster truck driving abilities.

Form a line of side-by-side cars from the snow for squashing competitors. You’ll desire your snow cars hard enough that they do not quickly fall apart with the first effects of the truck tires as they climb up onto the barrier line.

Develop a frozen lake for driving your trucks on. See how well you deal with icy driving conditions. Forming a big crater in the snow, then fill it with water, and let it freeze. You can hold some fascinating races with other monster truck enthusiasts on the ice.

To extend your RC playtime even additionally break out the building devices to construct your hillsides, ramps, lake, and other challenges you think up. Front loaders can form oval tracks, and ramp strategy lanes. Excavators can erect your hillsides and ramps. Dispose trucks can move the snow to where you require it put.

Set out a yard-sized RC park and you can schedule all the racing occasions your creativity can develop. Get the children included, and let them create some activities. They’ll amaze you with that youth flair for imagination that we grownups frequently lose while maturing.