Crack the game neck: Far cry 4 gaming tips

After the release of this version of far cry, the gaming world stumbled with graphic features of this game and is considered as one of the best in terms of offering the open world settings. But often people need a helping in cracking such a big game, I think. And for those people I m here and I can help all of you with certain tips and tricks that could make a strong minded far cry gamer.

Far Cry  11

What the game needs

Before entering into the tricks we should know the details of the game to a certain extent such as the story and background settings, etc. The game is really set in a fictional place called kyrat. This kyrat is ruled by a very violent king named Pagan Min, against whom a revolutionary group arises with the name the golden path. This kyrat is featured as a peaceful village situated in between the lush green mountains of the Himalayas and the game offers you a variety of open world situations to be used along with a far cry 4 map. Ajay, a young man who has been to kyrat to spread his mother’s ashes joins the revolutionary army of the golden path and the rest is the game you need to play.

Don’t disturb the elephants

Elephants with their huge mass are not always friendly towards you and it is very wise to ignore those big creatures as they cannot be killed with a single shot. They become very fierce after an attack and also remember that the elephant will remember you till their death after an attack.

Use the animals

The animals can be used to distract your enemies or stop your enemies at times. When the enemies are approaching you it is not needed always to fight them. Just distract these animals to path your enemy is arriving and enjoy the fight that happens between them. This saves your inventory an unwanted loss.

Mountains are always mountains

Please don’t misjudge the mountains so that you can explore them very easily without any hard effort and it is scalable only on occasions. Of course they are mountains.