Clenbuterol – side effects to know

Clenbuterol is mainly used for the treatment of respiratory disease in the horses in the olden days. Then it is concluded that it can be used for the treatment of asthma patients for their treatment. This is because Clen has the properties enabling the rate of oxygen flow to rise in the body. Since asthma problem is caused due to the insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart and the brain, Clen is used to treat that insufficient supply of oxygen.


Then the technology in the medical field has improved and the fact of Clen is identified that it is used as an influent for building the body muscles. And it has been widely started to use by the body builders and the athletes to gain the desired body shape. There is a famous statement which states that too much of anything is good for nothing. Likewise in taking of any medical prescription in a heavy dose will lead to serious side effects. Clen also have its side effects when you have it without any consultation of the doctors. Only your personal health care specialist will know the status of your body and the dosage of the medicine which could accept by your body. So it is always better to consult your specialist before having the clenbuterol. Let us cover some of the facts regarding the side effects of Clen when it is consumed by the human at heavy dose.

Clen is mainly used by most of the people because it can reduce the fat content in your body which are deposited at high level and make the body to look fatter. Clen has the ability to show the effects so quickly by burning the fats in a short interval of time. Fat is also an important component that is a constituent of our body if it is decreased suddenly at an increased level, you might have the experience of losing your stamina suddenly. If you lose your stamina at such rate you can handle your body by your own you will lose your strength. If you lose your strength you cannot sustain at the time of doing exercises. Without doing exercises you would not get the proper result as you desired.

So it is important to take the Clen at very small dose that could be accepted by your body metabolism. And also you might experience the situation like if you suddenly stop the intake of Clen, it may alter the metabolism rate and metabolic process may generate side effects in your body. This may lead to the undesirable results which cannot be curable in the future. As already mentioned, Clen influence the rate of flow of oxygen in our body so once if you take it in heavy doses it could result in increase in the rate of flow of oxygen and finally it will lead to increase in the blood pressure, heart damage, heart attack etc, as the heart cannot tolerate the speed of oxygen flow. To gain the more information regarding the side effects of the Clen you can visit the link