Can a DUI be dropped?

There are different penalties for DUI that you just want to avoid. If you have just been charged with this, you need to look at ticket lawyers near me. You do not want to end up getting the maximum penalties simply because you did not want a lawyer to help you out. If it is your first offense, you have a higher chance of getting this case dropped or at least changed to a lesser charge but this will not be possible without the right lawyer.

Is there a Chance for a DUI to be Dropped?

A lot of people would like to know the answer to this. The answer is yes, it is possible but it would be very difficult to do. If you are planning to do it on your own, you should not push through. You may end up in a worse situation as compared to what you are experiencing now. Allow dui attorney van nuys to help you. The attorney has all of the knowledge and information regarding DUI cases in general. Something may come up that will cause the charges against you to be dropped.

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To get the DUI dropped, there are some things are required:

  • Strong pieces of evidence that will show that the person is not driving above the prescribed legal alcohol limit
  • Legal arguments that will show why the person is wrongfully accused
  • A loophole that can change the whole course of the case

It can be harder to get the DUI to be dropped if you are in a drunken state but you feel that you were handled incorrectly so you want the charges to be dropped. These are some situations wherein this is possible:

  • You were arrested incorrectly. Remember that arrests should be done by the book. This means that you should be informed that you are being arrested, you will be read your rights, and so much more. Your lawyer can ask you about this so try to remember as much as you can about the rest. This can help determine if something out of the ordinary was done by the police while you were being arrested.
  • There was no valid reason for the police officer to flag you down and ask you to stop. If you feel that being asked to stop was discriminatory, this is something that you may have to prove.
  • Were you allowed to contact a lawyer who can help you with your case or you were left lawyer-less? If there are some delays and unusual processes, this may be enough to get the charges against you dropped.

The key here is to find an actual ticket lawyer who can help you out with your case. Who knows, a DUI case may be dropped or it can be lessened to something that is not so serious. Getting charged with a DUI can definitely change your life and there may be some changes that you are not willing to accept at this point. If you need to fight your ticket, do this with the help of a lawyer.