Be flexible

You have experienced our basic bundle creator to increases our sales. You now want to enhance this experience. Basic product builder is simply not enough. You want more. More customization. More features. More sales. We decided to give you more of the product withour bundle product magento extension.

As a step up to the bundle creator, we have developed Bundle Creator Plus. The advanced features of bundle product magento extension upgrades your site. It has a more flexible set-up process for the bundle creator with several options. It further enhances shopping experience for your customers by giving them better choices.

What are the additional features?

  • Once you select the product type, you will be given an option between selecting the type of price. Price can be either flexible or dynamic. A dynamic price is generated from all products and you do not have to enter individual values for each product. A fixed price is generated from a price fixed against each product.
  • You can continue adding items via the ‘Extended Bundle’ tab. This will allow you to add a new item for customer to select from. You can keep the extended product as optional.
  • You can add the number of items a customer may purchase.E.g. 2 items of the same product. That is, 2 rings from the rings category available.
  • You can also let the customer select a size option for dresses, etc. That is, your bundle can contain dresses of different sizes for the customer to choose from.



  • Customers can use filters such as price or color. This helps them narrow down choices. It also adds to attractiveness of bundles as customers don’t have to scroll through hundreds of products.
  • Customers can add products or individual bundles to their wish list to for later purchase.
  • You can also cancel the package and start over. That is change your base choice to create a different or entirely new package. This option is available to all steps during bundling of a package.

The advanced versions offers more customization features. You can select wide number of products and sell them as a packaged bundle. You can expand or contract the size of a bundle.

Our support executives are always willing to tweak the features to suit your site. Our support team handles your queries and provides technical support for you twenty four hours a day.