An Overview of HealthcareAssistant Profession 

Created to free up consultation time in overworked medical practices, the medical assistant profession (not to be confused with the medical secretary) offers new opportunities for recruitment and professional retraining. Discover the profession of Healthcare Assistant in Singapore in detail here.

What is a Healthcare assistant?

New profession created in 2018 to compensate for the growing shortage of doctors and the endless wait times to obtain an appointment due to the increase in the aging of the population and the explosion of chronic diseases, these health workers respond to a triple stake:

  • It promotes better patient care access by relieving the doctor of specific time-consuming tasks (such as administrative tasks) and freeing up medical time. In this way, the healthcare assistant singapore will be able to see more patients, and the patients will be able to find a doctor more efficiently, within a reasonable time;
  • He/Sheensure better working conditions by offering the doctor more time for care and medical monitoring;
  • They improve coordination and continuity of care with all the other players in the care of its patients.
  • Located halfway between the nurse and the doctor, the medical assistant supports a general practitioner or a specialist in his office daily.
  • The doctor can freely choose the missions he wants to entrust to his medical assistant.

Missions of A Healthcare Assistant 

This health personnel support and discharge the doctor for simple actsadministrative tasks such as reception, creation, and management of the patient’s file, recording administrative and medical information, setting up telemedicine in practice, etc.

Tasks related to the consultation include taking constants, issuing screening tests, performing technical acts, and organizing and coordinating tasks since the medical assistants will coordinate the various patients’ care.

Qualities to Become A Healthcare Assistant 

The new Healthcare Assistantwill have to show dynamism, motivation, rigor, discretion, and restraint, but not only.

Above all, a human profession, he must appreciate the contact and show empathy.

Final Words

Finally, rigor, compliance with the regulatory framework and procedures, mastery of IT tools, and good ability to adapt to exercise in a multi-professional team will complete the picture.