All the advantages of electronic locks with fingerprint scanning

The simplicity of a natural gesture: your finger, you’re key

Thanks to the integration of Biometric reader systems in our security doors, opening the security door has never been easier. Through a natural movement, the touch of your finger, you can open or close the door, instantly putting your rooms in total safety digital lock bundle singapore.

A future without keys and without worries

It will no longer occur to you to wonder where you put the keys or, worse, to fear that you have lost them and therefore have to think about making a new duplicate or even decide to replace the lock. Imagine coming back from a run, from shopping at the supermarket or entering the office loaded with documents. Opening the door will no longer be tiring, but it will be quick and easy thanks to the fingerprint sensor.

You always know who has entered your spaces

The biometric reader identifies and records different fingerprints, tracing their inputs and outputs, allowing you to always know who is in your spaces.

Subsequently, with each action registered by the biometric reader, the software activates the recognition of the fingerprint: first it detects the fingerprint through the optical and thermal scanner and subjects it to an authentication phase to verify their identity by comparing them with the fingerprints previously acquired and registered and then, if they actually coincide with the samples in the database, follow the opening and closing of the security door.