Advantages From Whatsapp Plus Android Application

Most of the people have greater advantage with the help of WhatsApp application present in the market. Now, almost all android mobiles are provided with this application for the users. With the increased in technologies, people would like to experience some of the new options and going behind best feature out of it. The company also understands that people will always get into the improvement in technologies and such thing has made them to get the same feature with their application at the same time. This has made introduction of WhatsApp plus in the market and there are also two different versions for different devices: android and iphone. The whatsapp plus android is becoming fast in the market and it is also replacing the place earned by the ordinary WhatsApp application in the same market. Users would be able to find more number of features with this updated version of application. It allows users to do some of the customized actions like changing the color of background, themes, and changing the color of fonts as well. It has been attracted by more number of users in the world in a short period of time.


List Of Options Provided

The users with WhatsApp Plus application would be able to see a list of options present in the settings and would help people to get their customized options in a fraction of second. It is also provided with reverting to default option at the same time. We need to uninstall ordinary WhatsApp application in order to get the features present in WhatsApp plus application. Such thing would get all information from the previous version at the same time. The important feature present in the application is that it would make people to hide their own status from friends and others in a network. It would also make people to send message in offline mode. We would be able to see some of the third party websites in internet which would explain user how to install the application in a proper manner. In some website, it is provided with video tutorial for it. The user is experiencing easy share of music with the help of just a click option. It allow user to hide the user profile picture and able to get phonebook pictures in the c hat screen at the same time. The application is provided with built-in themes maker and would make user to check online.