3 Ways to Improve Your Business by Using Proxy Server

The majority of individuals have very little knowledge of what proxy site are used for. If you are one of those people, chances are you think proxy servers are only used to access content that’s not allowed in your country or stay secure on an open WiFi connection. However, proxy servers have many other uses and they are fairly important for businesses.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 ways your business can benefit in using a Proxy Server.

Improve Business Security

Hacking has been a common problem for businesses for the past several years. A data breach can be very expensive and takes a toll on your credibility as an organization. In January 2019 alone, around 1,769,185,063 user records were leaked online. A proxy minimizes these kinds of the breach, it adds an extra security layer between your company’s servers and external traffic. Proxy servers face the web and relay requests from devices outside the network, the act as an excellent buffer. Though this does not ensure 100% security, hackers attempting to gain access to your proxy will have a hard time reaching your actual server where vital data is stored. This way, you will be less vulnerable compared to running your business without a proxy.

free proxyBalance Traffic to Prevent Server Crashes

Perhaps the most annoying part on the customer’s perspective is having a site going down when they need it the most. Peering, cloud data storage and p[proxy servers help ensure this does not happen and make sure that your customer experience improves. Your content and data are stored across multiple servers around the globe and in the cloud, so peering ideally makes your network handle more traffic. Using proxy sites means balancing the request to every server, ensuring that there is no overload. All of the processes happen in the background, to ascertain a seamless experience on the customer end.

Do Sensitive Tasks Anonymously

This is one of the most common functions of proxy servers, their ability to keep your web presence anonymous. In today’s digital age, websites are getting better at detecting proxies. Using the most reliable and best proxies, you can do sensitive tasks easily and have a smooth browsing experience.