Know how Trademark search can save your time while registering your trademark

Trademark search refers to all the actions taken for determining whether or not a trademark is already being used in commerce. These aresearches that can be narrow in their scope or they might include results from all the channels because trademark protection for each mark is remotely same to the mark that is the subject of a search. The right searching strategy considers the nature of the mark, the services and goods that the mark covers, the timeline for bringing that mark to business, and the allocation of resources by the applicant.

A trademark search is usually classified as either a full search or a knock-out search and both of these searches are explained below in brief.

A full search:

A full search is all about the searches that can cover all the avenues for trademark protection in the trademark system, which is the subject of the search. The software used to run full searches categorizes the results according to how closely related they seem to the subject of the search.

A knock out search:

It refers to the search of the Federal Trademark Register for determining if the trademark in question will fail in case of a trademark registration. This search is about covering all the marks on the Federal Register Trademark Electronic Search System database.


Reasons to opt for a trademark search

Many of the individuals are under the impression that trademark search is nothing more than an unnecessary expense. However, conducting a complete availability search is one of the best and least expensive preventive measure that a business can ensure. The following are the three ways in which conducting a trademark search can save your time during registering your trademark and even afterward.

Ensuring that you are legally protected beforehand

The primary reason for undertaking such clearance searches is for ensuring that the proposed trademark is not an infringement of a prior third-party trademark. Conducting a complete search in advance means that an experienced trademark attorney gets to review the search results, and accordingly, advise the client about all the issues, including whether his mark is unique or not, and whether the mark gets to have a narrower scope of protection.

Getting insights about the competitive landscape

Having said that, there is also a lot to learn from trademark searching. It provides you with crucial insights about the competitive landscape in case there is any refusal to your registration. It can be a good asset and a source of defense in case the trademark owner gets a cease and desist letter.

Avoiding the hassle of changing the brand name

At the end of the day, the choice of carrying out the trademark search rests with you. Any competent trademark lawyer will recommend a full search as the foremost for ensuring your legal safety and saving your time. If the trademark that you have set your heart on gets confused with a prior trademark, then you might be liable for paying damages considering your mark is taken as an infringement. In the worst case scenario, you will have to change your brand name after getting launched in the market.

Not conducting a thorough search while registering your trademark can mean that you will end up spending a lot more time in the hassles of legal issues, changing brand names, and more. Spending your time and resources in such disruptions and confusions are best avoided by conducting the search at the outset. So, make sure that you contact your trademark attorney today and perform a full or knockout search before the registration.

How 3D Printing Market Has Grown Over the Past Five Years

The first 3D printer was created in 1983 by Chuck Hull and it was considered as a tool for recreational activities rather than its potential for industrial use. However, the technology kept evolving slowly and the media kept highlighting its achievements over the years. Earlier, 3D printers were only seen as a rapid prototyping tool and only certain industries used to refer to them in the times of product development related needs. In the past decade, 3D printers have gained popularity and they are now used for both personal and commercial purposes. A 3D printer uses additive technology to add layers upon layers of the material to create an object. However, the device either needs a 3D image with specific dimensions of the object or it has to scan the object itself to determine its shape, complexity, and measurements.

The 3D printing technology is now being used aggressively in many industries for rapid prototyping and manufacturing specific products such as on-demand products and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products. The 3D printing technology is being used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, defense, construction, fashion, and energy. The global 3D printing market in defense, aerospace, and construction is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15-25 percent whereas the 3D printing market is growing at a CAGR of 25-35 percent in fashion and energy. The key driver for such growth is the customization ability of the 3D printing technology. Click here to know more.

3D Printing

3D Printing Market over the Past 5 Years:

The 3D printing market is yet to reach its true potential as this is projected to be the technology of the future. The 3D printing technology offers immense customization to any type of project. Currently, the only limitations to 3D printing are the size of the object, slow printing speed, and low market maturity. However, enterprises are working in a similar direction so that they can incorporate 3D printing in their core production processes but it will still take at least 10-15 years to attain mass implementation of this technology. The market is showing positive signs as the cost of 3D printing is going down due to global digitization and awareness about 3D animation, and design.

In terms of materials and technology, devices are now using soft metals and other types of polymers, contrary to the previously used plastic, and high-end devices also come with in-built scanners that eliminate the need for inserting a 3D image or CAD file. The time is not far where anyone can print objects of their choice in their homes. As the technology will evolve, the future generations may see more 3D printing applications such as 3D printed aircraft, defense equipment, firearms, cars, and the possibilities are endless.

The concept of 3D printing has become quite popular and more and more people are getting to know about it. Even if everyone is not able to use 3D printing at present, then at least they can now imagine what it is capable of. The cost of 3D printing, which used to be in thousands of dollars, has come down to hundreds and even lower than that for bigger projects. This gives a glimpse of the innovations that are going to evolve the technology in the near future.

it support contract

Choose the best IT support services

When you run a business, you will definitely have an IT department, no matter how big it is. Even if you do not have an official department, you will use computers for your work. You can use any computer or IT support that you consider appropriate, but imagine the consequences of choosing something of poor quality. This will certainly lead to a deterioration in the collective efficiency of your company. Are you really ready to take the risk?

These are the questions you should ask when hiring some specialists:

Qualifications and Certificates

If the services you hire are not sufficiently qualified, they will never be able to meet your it support contract needs. You must be absolutely sure that your qualifications and qualifications are correct. In the same way, certification is so important. You do not want to stay with someone who has no complaints about legality. Make sure they are properly insured so you do not pay any liability, damage or accident.

it support contract


The links confirm if they are reliable. Ask the company to provide you with a list of recommendations and be sure to read them. Talk to previous clients to get an idea of ​​the quality of the service and the attitude of the employees. You do not need IT services, you do not have the opportunity to work well with you.


Of course, you can not hire someone to accuse you in a prohibitive manner. Talk to IT departments about what they will charge before hiring them. Better yet, ask them to sign a contract for you. When things are written, they can not be challenged. Be sure to read the fine print to know that you are not deceived in any way. Discuss prices in advance so there are no misunderstandings in the future.