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Based on numerous studies, around 17 percent of kids and teenagers in America are obese. This is alarming because we all know the risks that are associated with weight gain. The facts are also scaring considering that most of the obese children are likely to be overweight adults.

Even though there are many reasons why most children are obese, according to Dietary Guidelines for Americas one main reason is that children are consuming a lot of foods that are high in calories but very low in nutrients. Most kids love to eat junk foods and other processed foods.

Some of the main sources of calories for kids include cakes, cookies, pizzas, and sugary drinks such as sports drinks and sodas. Even though the statistics are frightening, most parents are busy and have no time to make balanced diets for their children. It has also been learned that children love sugary treats and candies.

To help your children live a healthy life, we have put together some nutritional suggestions such as isalean shake to support healthy and happy kids. These suggestions are friendly and even support the Halloween entertaining. It is an approved list that can help to limit calories from extra sugar and fill in the gaps in unbalanced-diet. The tips will also ensure you are not concerned when the little ones enjoy sugary foods occasionally. If you have come across Isagenix-protein shake product or Isagenix shakes reviews, you may have learned how popular they have become. You can also compare Isagenixvs. shakeology to ensure you pick the best.

Isagenix Fruits & Isagenix greens

These are outstanding alternatives to juice drinks and sugary sodas. Apart from being well-tasting alternatives, they have just 1grm of sugar and 30-calories or even few per serving.

Without any additives, both Isagenix-fruits and Isagenix-greens are made of vegetable powders and concentrated spray-dried-fruits. All these are cold-processed to protect their nutrient contents. They are also available in packets and come in convenient.


Another amazing alternative to the sugary food and drinks is Replenish. It is a great substitute that has around 8g sugars normally found in sugary drinks. It also provides one hundred percent of Vitamin-C together with electrolytes and also B-complex vitamins. It is delicious and you try it after a thirst-quenching delicacy and still save on unnecessary sugar and calories.


When choosing a balanced diet, fiber is very important. Actually, it is among the top 4 nutrients of everyone concern based on Dietary-Guidelines for Americans. Based on various studies, children and adults only manage to have a 15g of the minimum fiber requirements. Hence, a lot needs to be done to ensure everyone achieves the target. Some of the alternatives that can help you and your kids achieve the minimum fiber requirements is Fiber-Snacks and Slim-Cakes. They are delicious and tasty addictions that kids can pack for school or enjoy after school.

310nutrition Isagenix

IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars

When children are growing, they need a lot of proteins and energy. Hence, most parents are advised to ensure the diets that the kids take are have more proteins and energy as well. Some of the great additions to regular food include IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars. Even though it is not a meal replacement, a lot of children can benefit from them. It is tasty, delicious and a nice nutrition boost.

For the selective eaters, adding either IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars can help and make sure your children get sufficient nutrients every when they feel they do not want to eat. If your children are very active, you can supplement normal meals with IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars to provide the energy and protein required to meet the demands of physical activities.

Hence, if your kid is in sports such as football, basketball, skating or any other kind of sport, IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars can help a lot. For older kids who normally ignore breakfast and other important meals, a good alternative is IsaLean-Shakes or IsaLean Bars. It is also the best solution to prevent teens heading to school or to play on an empty tummy. Isagenix shakes ingredients are also friendly and safe.


Today, having a healthy meal together with your family might be impossible due to the busy life everyone is living. This also makes it impossible for many people to have a healthy meal. Happily, with Isagenix is one alternative for busy families. From shakes to bars and drinks mixes, you can have a convenient and a balanced meal. All you need is to choose the best meal replacement shakes for your kid. If you feel your kids are not having a balanced diet or you are not treating them to a good nutrition, Isagenix products can help a lot.